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Highway B60.png - Eustace Bagge Freeway
Route Statistics
Route Name Eustace Bagge Freeway
Alternative Names Hindi 'to Commonwealth Avenue
Length 1050 blocks
Direction East-West
Route Information
Exits 2
Terminus 1 Deadbush City
Terminus 2 Totsworth
Status Status: Service Construction.png Under construction
Planners MojangChan
Builders MojangChan
Owners MojangChan

The B60, officially the Eustace Bagge Freeway, more commonly known as Hindi 'to Commonwealth Avenue is a medium length isolated B-road that connects Deadbush City to Totsworth. This road does not connect any of those towns to the New World Highway System since there are no other highways in the surrounding area. It was approved at the April 2018 GSM and started construction the day after.

Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Western Terminus: Deadbush City
Dynmap Green Flag.png Deadbush City
Dynmap Green Flag.png Totsworth
Eastern Terminus: Totsworth