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B750 Map.png
Planner EspiDev
Constructor EspiDev
Western Terminus B751-shield.png, Espil
Eastern Terminus  A5-W , Musique
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Good service

B750-shield.png is a highway that provides a direct connection between UCWT, Utopia, Musique and Espil.


This road was originally built in 2016 with MishkaMan and was built between Espil and Kolpino City. An eastern section was also built, which connected Kolpino City and Utopia. However in late 2016, the A76-shield.png was built. With lack of other corridors to enter Kolpino City, the A76-shield.png used the section of B750-shield.png to do so, leaving B750-shield.png to terminate at A76-shield.png from Espil. In early 2018, B750-shield.png was extended to  A5-W , allowing a more direct connection between the south-west and Central City.

B750Shaders.png B750-Musique.png B750-Espil-East.png


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 B751-shield.png B751-shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2 Avenue St. (Espil) No connections.
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 Kaltz Dr. (Espil) No connections.
Dynmap Green Flag.png 4 Zanski Ave. (Espil) No connections.
Dynmap Green Flag.png 5 Koinu Dr. (Espil) No connections.
Dynmap Green Flag.png 6  B753   B753 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 7 House Ln. (Glenbrook) No connections.
Dynmap Green Flag.png 8  A5-W   A5-W