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Planner Aliksong
Constructor Aliksong and lalaboy
Number of Exits Ring Road
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Good service

The B79 is the Kenthurst Outer Ring Road. It has 1 lane in each direction, and is designed to be a free-flowing road, similar to the Munich Mittler Ring Road. Traffic can enter and exit the road from the on and off ramps, or grade separated intersections. On-off ramps are located at North Sydney Boulevard (north), B71 (north-east) the Airport Arterial (east), at the B72 intersection (south west). To connect the road with the A7, 2 sets of exits and entries have been constructed on the south side of the B79. The southern portion of the B79 connects to the Kenthurst Xenonite Station bus terminal, and allows for express buses to operate with ease, and connects Kenthurst to the rest of the world.

The B79 generally marks the boundaries of the Kenthurst metropolitan city, and connects the many districts of Kenthurst.