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Highway B820.png
Route Statistics
Route Name B820
Direction East-West
Route Information
Terminus 1 B892 - Willow
Terminus 2 Anderson Ave. - Larkspur
Status Status: Service Good.png Good service
Planners Vickiposa
Builders Vickiposa
Owners Vickiposa


Larkspur is a B-class highway in Ward 8 and Ward 9. The east end in Larkspur is at Anderson Avenue near Larkspur Frankford Airfield and  NW21  in the Northmont neighborhood, straddling the ward border. The roadway crosses Whitlea Creek to fully enter Ward 8, and intersecting with the Larkspur Bypass, a road connecting the B820 with the A92. The road soon enters downtown, slowing down considerably and splitting from east- and west-bound roads, intersecting the B846 in Thanksgiving Square with an urban intersection.

After leaving the core of downtown, including passing around city hall, the roads remerge and intersect Violet Avenue, becoming the 6-lane arterial of Dunkirk Boulevard as it enters Ward 9, built to serve traffic connecting downtown and the Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport, as well as major retail traffic in between. After intersecting with Prescott Road by  NW23 , it passes south of the major airport and into Willow, entering Ward 8 once more.

The roadway enters Willow as Avenue Rd and is a limited access highway that travels through the Industrial District and bypasses Larkspur Heights. B820's current terminus is at B892, near the Willow/Borealia Border, although signage continues as Avenue Rd plunges into central Willow.


The roadway was originally conceived sometime in late 2018 as a short link between the then fledgling town of Larkspur (owned by Vickiposa) and the nearby village of Northmont (owned by Frogs4Life, paralleling the MRT Northern Line between the two towns. It was built soon after and functioned as a local 2-lane road, which didn't need GSM approval due to the very short distance between the two towns.

However, with Vickiposa's purchase and subsequent annexation of Northmont on December 20th, 2018 the road was now completely within Larkspur for its entire length. And to further connect the city, B820 was rebuilt and dubbed as Magellan Parkway between Cianwood Drive and its new terminus at Anderson Avenue. Furthermore, the road was widened to four lanes and maintained a speed limit of 70 km/h throughout most of its length.

A proposal in the January 2019 GSM to extend the B820 westward through western Larkspur to the future expansion of A8 near Willow was denied due to the A8 not being proposed yet, however, the extension of B820 was inevitable with Larkspur looking west and announcing the future construction of a large airport near the site of Chillington by Vickiposa. It was eventually expanded west all the way to the city border by Vickiposa, and was continued into Willow until the B892.


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Interchange Exit No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Standard Exit No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Rest Area Exit No connections

Interchange List

Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes

Inside Larkspur Limits

Dunkirk Boulevard

Dynmap Green Flag.png - Prescott Avenue
At-grade Traffic Signal
Dynmap Green Flag.png - Vaughan Avenue
At-grade Traffic Signal
Dynmap Green Flag.png - Violet Avenue
At-grade Traffic Signal

Timpani Street (EB) / Howe Street (WB)

Dynmap Green Flag.png - Bruford Avenue
At-grade Traffic Signal

Magellan Parkway

Dynmap Green Flag.png - Larkspur Bypass
Diamond Interchange
Dynmap Green Flag.png - Kitty Hawk Parkway
At-grade Traffic Signal
Dynmap Green Flag.png - Anderson Avenue
At-grade Traffic Signal