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This is a planned highway that connects A92 with Willow, Charlemagne, and Sansberg. The route of the highway followed the decommissioned W-2, part of the Willow Numbered Road System. It is concurrent with multiple roads in Willow. B892 is the entrance to Sansberg on the West side and widens to 4 lanes. It is named the Sansberg Freeway inside Sansberg.

Route description

B-892 will start from A92 and descend into a tunnel under Borealia. The first exit after coming out into Willow is with Avenue Rd., which is B820 which heads east to Larkspur. B892 assumes the routing of former highway W-2 and has an interchange with W-1, the first road in Willow, as well as a large connector to the city's core. Curving east for a short distance, the road becomes a 2 lane arterial road, with W-3, known as Ice Lake Street. The road meets W-5, the Willow Expressway, and continues south to 5 Points, a sub-district where 5 roads meet at one intersection. B-892 splits southeasterly off of W-3 to Lavalake which is present-day Sansberg and is named Sansberg Freeway. There is a ramp off to Ferry Rd to Admod Hill, and the freeway straightens out over Sansberg.