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BTA may also refer to the BTA Train Division of Benion

Bta logo 2017.png
The greater transportation of Bakersville


The BTA was made during early December as a company made to operate Bakersville's transportation systems. The first project started under the City of Bakersville's transit company was the Bakersville Trolley, a street operating minecart transit system as an alternative to the IRT. Although it was demolished 3 days after creation on December 3rd, 2016, a different trolley system was created. This system was warp based and lasted until late feburary of 2017, due to extremely low ridership. On March 10th, it was unofficially announced on game chat that the system was shut due to the older subway running the same lines. This was confirmed earlier on the year on the Commuter Alerts.

System Operations

System Name Transit Type Operational
Bakersville IRT Minecart Subway Operational
Bakersville IND Minecart Subway Operational
Bakersville BMT Minecart Subway Operational
Bakersville Metropolitan Railway Warp Train Subway Under Construction