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BTRail is a railway company owned by BaronThamesBank.

5100 Stoptrain Daneburg Harbour - Ezzo City (Daneburg Harbour Line) (In Collaboration with RaiLinQ)

Daneburg - Ezzo City
Operating Company RaiLinQ/BTRail
First Opened 7 July 2017
Finished at 13 May 2018
Train Type Stoptrain
Stock Used Class 628
Rush Hour 2*Hour
Monday-Friday 2*Hour
Evening 2*Hour
Saturday 2*Hour
Sunday 2*Hour

Open Term.PNG Daneburg Harbour
Open Line.png Daneburg Central
Open Line.png Daneburg North
Open Line.png Kolpino North
Open Line.png Tenepi
Open Wheelchair.png Sulfureal Lakes
Open Wheelchair.png Glenbrook
Open WheelTermB.png Ezzo City


Daneburg Central - Tenepi opened at July 7th 2017. Daneburg Harbour opened at September 19th 2017. Sulfureal Lakes station opened at January 4th 2018. Glenbrook Station opened at January 5th 2018. Ezzo City opened May 13th 2018 finishing the line.