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A Type of Wonderful Glorious Meat that comes from the Sus scrofa domesticus (Pig) A type of meat that enhances any meal know to man. From salads to sandwiches’ Nothing beats bacon as a single meat. Bacon can come in very of shapes and thickness from strips to crumble, then there is more of well to extra crispy to even blacken. Pending on cooking time.

Bacon Bacon Bacon It's good on anything.

Youtube Bacon rap song

All Hail ThomasFyfe, Lord of the Bacon.


Creamy Bacon (To serve with cooked eggs or a salad)

Products need for 4 persons:

  • 200 gr. bacon
  • 200 Ml. Cream
  • (frying) pan
  • Milk
  • 25 gram fresh Chive or 10 gram of dried Chive

How to make it: 1. Cut the bacon in small blocks/pieces. 2. Warm the (frying) pan up without any oil/butter. 3. Bake the Bacon crispy and cut the Chive if you have fresh Chive. 4. If the bacon is crispy, add the chive and add a tablespoon of milk and add the cream. 5. Keep Stirring for 5 minutes. (or till the cream hits 60 degrees) and serve it directly at a frsh salad or with some cooked eggs.

Important!: Turn the heat a little down if the bacon is scrispy! Use fresh bacon! not dried bacon.

Raw Bacon

Products need for 2 persons:

  • 200gr. bacon