Barshat Abtalit

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Principality of Barshat Abtalit


(Barshat) Bar - shot (Abtalit) Ab - ta - leet
Town officials
Mayor Wipeout111
Deputy Mayor Kekkomatic
Town Councillors Echohue, Godzilltrain, Mossie, KyleFrb, Meow10811, MinecraftYoshi26, ComputerGhost, Sesese9, Kekkomatic, _HeavenAngel_, Chiefbozx, sixhundredcats, _MajorMagpie_, mine_man_, Unjinz, DintyB, Narnia17
Rail Barshat Abtalit Central Wayward Station
Facts and figures
Founded March 1st 2020
Town rank [Mayor]
State Zimbobwican Empire
Official language(s) English & Hashburk (Native Language)
World New
Political Party Hierarchy Party
Ward(s) 3
Other info
Translation Glorious Land of Prosperity
Known For The Ringroad

Barshat Abtalit is a town in the Zeta Region of the server. Located in the east, the town is surrounded by a lot of nothing, with the closest towns being a few thousand blocks away. The buildings in the town are styled after a combimation of modern and sci-fi architecture.

Town Councillors

Mossie: Chancellor of RINGROAD & Head Chancellor

Vulpicula: Chancellor of tourism

Echohue: Chancellor of Barshat Abtalit Central City & Supreme Chancellor

Godzilltrain: Chancellor of Ungratefulness

Sesese9: Chancellor Of Making Sure Godz And Vulp Dont't Do Anything Stupid

KyleFrb: Chancellor of Nothing

Meow10811: Chancellor of the Alphabet

MinecraftYoshi26: Chancellor of Public Venues

ComputerGhost: Chancellor of Being Very Active

Kekkomatic: Chancellor of Deputy Mayorship

_HeavenAngel_: Chancellor of The Barshat Abtalit Afterlife

Chiefbozx: Chancellor of Slithgly Odd Weather

sixhundredcasts: Chancellor of Dogs

_MajorMagpie_: Chancellor of T H E A T R E

mine_man_: Chancellor of "Needs A Title"

Unjinz: Chancellor of Chance and Llor

DintyB: Chancellor of d i n t

Narnia17: Chancellor of ?

Those listed below have denied the Chancellor position and may not be currently considered even if they reach 2 nominations:
(Note that all the listed members are not to be mentioned anywhere that is 500m from the center of the city, violating this law is considered high treason.)


These are the main districts of Barshat Abtalit, each district is then broken down into smaller sectors

Central Concourse

The Central Concourse covers the direct center of Barshat Abtalit. It was the first district to be constructed and completed and holds some of the most famous architecture in the city, such as the Central Palace. The very center of the district (and the very center of Barshat Abtalit) holds the Central Rotunda, home to The Rock of Bar. While not the largest theatre in the city, the district holds the 480 seat Central Theatre. Many government buildings are located in the Central Concourse.

Capital District

Named after the Zimbobwican Empire Capital Building, the district is also home to the Barshat Abtalit Convention Center, many office buildings, the National Museum, many parks, and the 3,045 seat Stephan Sondheim theatre, the largest on the server.

District 03

District 03 currently houses the cities main train station as well as many singular houses and facilities.


Early Settlement


For the first century of Barshat Abtalit, the town existed as a small settlement of 150 people called Shrat in the Shratrat forest, north of modern day Barshat Abtalit. This is where the language of Hashburk evolved from anchient Hebrew, the language of the first settlers. The settlement existed before the naming of the Shratrat forest, which was named after the settlement.

New Opportunities

1545 - 1660

In 1645, a group of Bahian missionaries made there way to the settlement of Shrat, where they were quickly detained and sent back to Bahia. While the culture of Shrat was not massively changed, it pushed the town into a path of evolution, coming out of there ancient ways and starting new without any help from the outside world. Sadly a conflict soon broke out between the "nshats", people who wanted to keep all there ancient traditions, and the "lasrts", who wanted a combination of new and old. This conflict was resolved without any injuries when the lasrts decided to leave Shrat and start a new town south of Shrat, but still in a different location then modern day Barshat Abtalit.

The Middle Years

1660 - 1875

The new settlement, named Barshat, became more open to new inventions from the outside world. During this period, the population of Shrat slowly moved to Barshat, leaving Shrat abandoned. Thankfully Shrat was not left in ruin, as it was used for various holidays and religious services. Not much is known of this period, but from the few souces we do have, it has been descovered that Barshat grew rapidly without much planning.

The Golden Age

1875 - 1994

After the spiratic expansion of Barshat led to countless problems, the government fell and was reworked into a republic. The people were given more freedoms and access to a free market. Production grew rapidly under strict management and the city became less relient on imports. Whereas in The Middle Years most advancments were taken from other civilizations, in The Golden Age most advancments and inventions came from Barshat itself. Like other golden ages, this was the most prosperous time for the city of Barshat, and it became a modern haven known all around the world.

Demise of Barshat

1994 - 2000

Sadly, The Golden Age of Barshat ended after 119 years due to a monarchistic revolution. Lasting 6 years, the revolution and following war completely destroyed Barshat. The documents of the republic were burned by the monarchists, and only a few remain today. After the last remianing rebels were crushed, the monarchists created the city of Abtalit, where modern day Barshat Abtalit is located.

Rise of the 2nd Republic

2000 - 2050

After 42 years of rule by monarch, the reigning dynasty was removed in the 1 week war. The rebels won and turned the government into a republic. The city of Abtalit was renamed to Barshat Abtalit, and all buildings representing the monarchs were slowly removed and rebuild using the modern architecture the city is known for. The new government soon took up an isolasionist view of society and transformed the city-state to fit. Barshat Abtalit currently still follows isolationism.

Modern Day Barshat Abtalit


Barshat Abtlalit is a republic, with each sector of the city electing 2 members into the government. The government members then vote to elect a Supreme Leader every 6 years. There are many sections of the government, including Security and Propaganda departments.


The actual town of Barshat Abtalit is located in the northern part of Whitmaur valley. The town is surrounded by 3 forests (Shratrat to the north, Rokwaut to the west, & Enragnaugh to the east), 3 mountains/mountain ranges (Lubartu, the largest, to the west, Rwagly mountain to the northeast, & the Whitmaur mountains to the southeast), and the southern Whitmaus valley to the south.



Barshat Abtalit reached the rank of Councillor on May 15th 2020 with 10 buildings in the city.


Barshat Abtalit reached the rank of Mayor on October 10th 2020 with 14 buildings in the city.

City Landmarks

  • Capital Building
  • computerghost's Cottage
  • Barshat Abtalit Central Theatre
  • Central Palace

List Of Buildings In The City

Buildings not made by Wipeout are labeled by letters

Number Of Completion Name Of Building District Notes
1 Central Rotunda Central


First Build In City
2 Central Palace Central


Town Hall
3 HabRakt Building Central


National Security Building
4 HabDrayt Building Central


National Military Building
5 Main Border Security Checkpoint N/A
6 HabInscript Building Central


National Propoganda Building
7 Central Theatre Central


480 Seat Theatre
8 Central Wayward Station District


City's Main Train Station
9 Propaganda Recycling & Distribution




10 Central Job Application Center



Smallest Building In

Central Concourse

11 Zimbobwican Capital Building Capital


12 Propoganda Production, Distribution,

& National Records Building



13 Ritzhart Office Building Capital


14 Frenswood Center Offices Capital


15 1 Arisa Way District


House owned by Mossie
16 2 Arisa Way District


House owned by _Fresk
17 3 Arisa Way District


House owned by Sesese9
18 4 Arisa Way District


House owned by DNAmaster10
19 5 Arisa Way District


House owned by MajorMagpie
20 6 Arisa Way District


House owned by Kyyl
21 7 Arisa Way District


House owned by SansNotLuigi
22 8 Arisa Way District


House owned by PaintedBlue
23 Labyrinth District


Start of the currently under development

"Labyrinth" CTM map.

23.5 Cheif Shock Shack: home of

vermillllllllion man



On Labyrinth's boveground property sits

a small shack owned by your favorite Head Admin.

24 South Police Station District


25 2 Sedgwick Lane District


House owned by DintyB
26 3 Sedgwick Lane District


House owned by HeavenAngel
27 4 Sedgwick Lane District


House owned by Frogggggg
28 Oscar Hammerstein Airship Port District


2 Mayor helipads in use by MRT Airships
29 Barshat Abtalit Convention Center Capital


A AlikLolly Regional HQ. Central


92nd AllikLolly Store, a direct copy

of the one in Vermilion.

B ComputerGhost's Cottage Capital


Built by ComputerGhost
? Stephen Sondheim Theatre Capital


Not Completed