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Beachview Skyline.png
The skyline of Beachview's downtown core.
Flag of Beachview.png
Flag of Beachview
Founded by DintyB
Mayor DintyB
Deputy Mayor chiefbozx
Rank [Mayor]
Majority Language English

Beachview is a town in the northeastern Zeta region of the New World founded by DintyB. Situated on the Neobaltic Sea (Lake 32) and in close proximity to the Northern Ocean (Lake 1), it is a member of the Metropolitan North Association and the State of Neobaltia.


Beachview was founded by DintyB after seeing development in the Northern Ocean region. He wished to create a city of generally higher quality than his previous city of New Dublinium, and hopefully attain Senator rank. On July 28, 2020, he applied to join the Metropolitan North Association (MNA) and was accepted. Transit programs from the MNA began to serve Beachview, as well as transit programs affiliated with Neobaltia.



Beachview currently has plans for both an S-Bahn and a C-Bahn. The S-Bahn will be a warp rail suburban link, while the C-Bahn will be a minecart-based metro for transit within Beachview's core. As of the 21st of November 2020, one station has been installed and the network is under construction.



Beachview is serviced by BoatNorth Line 3, reaching destinations like Oparia, Sansmore, Chugsdy Island, Ottia Islands, and Tulipsburg.

Beachview is serviced by Hummingbird Boat Lines  50  Aloe Line reaching destinations like Oparia, Moramoa, and Ottia Islands.

Beachview is serviced by Neobal Ferry Lines Line 1 to Kappen.

Beachview is serviced by SandBoat Route 15 to Sand.


Beachview is serviced by FlyLumeva Turbula (TR009) to Kazeshima.


Beachview is a planned stop on RailNorth Line 1 going to Tulipsburg, Malosa, Celina, Kleinsburg, Lego City, and Biwabik.


Beachview is serviced by MRT Airships, connecting to their hub at Oparia Airship Terminal as well as East New Brazil and Cypress.


Beachview is serviced by KaloroAir Heli Lines, connecting to their hub at Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport as well as Lanatam Airfield.