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BearLodge Hotels
BearLodge LOGO.png
Den with us.
Founder/Owner/CEO time2makemymove
Subsidiaries BearLodge BowTie
Holiday Inn by BearLodge
Locations 22 (many more planned) - Mainline
12 - BowTie
06 - Holiday Inn
37 - Total

BearLodge Hotels Corporation is a hospitality company on the MRT Server that builds, designs, and manages luxury hotels, resorts, and vacation properties around the server. It was founded by current CEO time2makemymove upon completion of the Grand BearLodge Venceslo Village in Venceslo on June 22, 2017. The company is headquartered in 1 Time Plaza, along with the majority of stock shareholder Time2 Venceslo Properties ZS20's properties. It is currently the largest hotel company on the MRT Server by properties owned, with 37 in total as of July 24, 2019.

BearLodge prides itself on being unique and different at every new location, and as such, we never have duplicate designs. All builds are custom built from the ground up. There are currently 22 locations of mainline BearLodges at this time, not including 18 other locations from our acquired subsidiaries.

BearLodge Hotels LLC. holds a 51% shareholder stake in the company, and Time2 Venceslo Properties ZS20 holds the other 49%. It is owned and operated wholly by BearLodge Hotels LLC and time2makemymove (the same thing).

If you wish to have a BearLodge Hotel in your town, please visit the bottom of this page for a signup sheet.

caption=An outdated map of mainline BearLodge Hotel locations.


BearLodge Residence Club is an apartment-style lodging experience located at every BearLodge property (lol jk but most of them). Once purchased ($30 dollars), the buyer will receive an unfurnished apartment room in EVERY BearLodge location. Have a home everywhere you go. One price, every location. Every property has a Residence Club sales office or information table, but you must contact time2makemymove to complete a purchase.

BearLodge Mainline Locations

All BearLodge Mainline locations built by time2makemymove.

Grand BearLodge Venceslo looking up from the main entrance.

Grand BearLodge Venceslo Village

The first BearLodge hotel and our flagship property, the Grand BearLodge has 42 hotel rooms and 14 apartments available. It is the most recognizable aspect of Venceslo Village, being a unique 17-story tower with each floor alternating between hotel rooms and apartment rooms. It also has a rooftop pool on the top floor, with scenic spanning views of the desolate desert area. There is a Beachcomber's Buffet and a Traveller's Tavern located in the lobby. Construction began on May 29 and was finished on June 22, 2017, and it opened on June 24, 2017 in conjunction with the grand opening of the Village. It is located on the west side of the main building. It is located west of the MRT station  ZS20  Venceslo Station, and it is currently both the tallest hotel - and the hotel with the most apartments - out of all the BearLodge properties.

BearLodge Danielston

BearLodge Danielston, with the Junge Center Spleef Arena on the right and Esterhaus University Eudaimonium Hall on the left.

The second BearLodge hotel completed, the BearLodge Danielston is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Danielston skyline. It is a slanted glass prism shooting up into the sky, supported by quartz pillars and containing a 5 story atrium at the lobby level, complete with chandeliers designed by mjpwwf. It is located in the Junge Center Complex of Esterhaus University, and has a bridge to its shopping area and views into the spleef stadium from the atrium area. It has 18 hotel rooms and 12 apartments available, as well as an observation deck at its highest point. There is a Cobblestone Coffee Company on the hotel's entrance level. Construction began on June 25 and was finished on June 29, 2017, and it opened that same day (ahead of the Junge Center's completion). It is located on the east side of the main building, whose address is ?????. It is located northeast of the MRT station  D7  Danielston - Paisley Place, in the heart of the University District.

BearLodge Seaview Villas Resort

BearLodge Seaview Villas viewed from the ocean.

Our most resort-style experience, the BearLodge Seaview Villas Resort is your go-to getaway destination. It has its own private beach, a large ocean, and a small dock for fishing and boating - not to mention being a short drive from Old Seaview, and being right in the middle of the beachfront village Aguaspueblos. It has 20 hotel rooms and 10 apartments available, and more will be built if the demand arises. There is a Ocean Lounge restaurant on the hotel's entrance level, a unique restaurant serving cocktails, flatbreads, and other appetizers, as well as having an amazing view of the water. Construction began on August 8, and the hotel opened on that same day. However, external amenities like parking, beach umbrellas and chairs, and a dock were all finished August 9. There is a planned SNAP TRANSIT station to service it in the future, most likely being the <Deep West> station.

BearLodge Risima Shores

BearLodge Risima Shores viewed from the north side.

The BearLodge Risima Shores is an upscale hotel with beautiful coastal views and located right in the center of bustling Risima. It is only steps away from both the pier and the city center - and all hotel rooms have a view of the ocean. It has 18 hotel rooms and 12 Residence Club apartments available, spanning 6 stories of height. There is an indoor pool on the first level of the hotel, as well as there being a Tom'z Fishery. Construction began on August 9, and small tweaks were completed a day later on August 10.

BearLodge Akworth Midtown (Demolished)

BearLodge Akworth Midtown viewed from the east.

The BearLodge Akworth Midtown is located right across from the up-and-coming MRT World Trade Center in Akworth. It is located near  XW28  Foobar. It was designed to reflect the architecture of the WTC Buildings, utilizing mostly quartz and tinted glass to mirror its neighbors. There is no pool, but there is a Mike's Fresh Produce in the lobby. The hotel is one of two BearLodges to have onsite parking (the other being Grand Venceslo). There are 18 hotel rooms and 9 residence club apartments available. The hotel is 3 stories tall, and includes a state-of-the-art arched roof, to reflect the nearby snowy hills. Construction began on September 16, and ended the next day.

This hotel was recently demolished by the city's new owner. An archived copy is kept in time2makemymove's lab.

BearLodge Alexandria Marina

BearLodge Alexandria Marina viewed from the main drive.

After two months of no announcements of anything BearLodge related, time2makemymove decided to jump back on the wagon and begin eating through the request queue. The first one on the list was Itz_Lego for Alexandria Bay. It is located directly west of the Alexandria Marina, and directly east of the Monorail's City Center station. Construction began and ended, and BearLodge Alexandria Marina opened on November 25, 2017. It has 3 floors, 20 hotel rooms, and 10 Residence Club apartments. There is no pool - however, there is a private beach for the hotel only, every room has a balcony looking out toward the ocean and boat-filled marina, and it is walking distance to the Alexandria Bay Pier, and the city center. A Tom'z Fishery is planned to be built directly north of the property, and the beach may be populated soon.

BearLodge Dabecco Resort

BearLodge Dabecco Resort's large atrium, with the resort pool clearly visible.

After a user named Sirots was shown BearLodge Alexandria Bay, he decided he wanted one in Dabecco, his city. Specifically, he wanted the hotel to fill in a gap in between two main roads near  F8  Foobar, and he wanted it finished before December 1st, so it would be ready for the December 2017 promotion batch, of which Dabecco was a member. Time2makemymove was feeling nice that day, so he had Dabecco cut the entire BearLodge queue (something he will never ever do again, so don't even ask), and began building it on November 28, 2017. First going under the name BearLodge Lake Dabecco, but subsequently being changed to BearLodge Dabecco Resort, it is by far the largest BearLodge property, with 66 rooms over 4 floors, 11 Residence Club apartments, a large pool, an on-site restaurant (Granite Grille), and a large convention space. It was completed and opened on November 29, 2017.

BearLodge Segav Sal Hotel & Casino

BearLodge Segav Sal viewed from Segav Sal Strip.

BearLodge Segav Sal Hotel & Casino is a high-rise hotel located on the Segav Sal Strip, home of the Hotel-Resort Building Competition. Due to the owner of BearLodge also being the one conducting the competition, this hotel did not participate in the prize earnings to prevent accusations of tampering with votes. Spanning 11 floors, with 28 rooms and 8 Residence Club apartments, it is one of the taller BearLodge properties in our portfolio. In addition, this is the first BearLodge to have a casino inside it - complete with a bar for users aged 18+, televisions, poker tables, and slot machines. There is also a Cobblestone Coffee Company located on the lobby level of the hotel. In addition to being in the proximity of  L7  Foobar, it is also served by Segav Sal's ( SERT ) Light Rail: connected via a tunnel between the Casino, the SERT Cascadia/BearLodge Station, and mikefishr's Cascadia Hotel. Construction began on January 25, 2018, and the hotel opened three days later.

BearLodge Chalxior Beach

BearLodge Chalxior Beach viewed from the ocean.

BearLodge Chalxior Beach is a high-rise hotel located in Chalxior. Specifically located on a side road in the city's developing South Chalxior neighborhood, this hotel is a prominent fixture in the city. First going under the name BearLodge South Chalxior, this large hotel has 9 floors, with 55 rooms and 8 Residence Club apartments. For amenities, the hotel has its own private beach and boat rental services, as well as offering Long Gone Gulch, an in-house restaurant and bar. There is no pool, but come on, the beach is right there! Construction began on March 25, 2018, and ended one day later.

BearLodge Waterville Ski Resort

BearLodge Waterville's old location viewed from a side street.

BearLodge Waterville Ski Resort is a high-rise hotel located just east of Waterville's urban core, and is a prominent fixture in the city's skyline. Located close to  A22  Waterville - Downtown, and connected to the nearby Waterville Ski Resort by bridge, this large high-rise has 14 floors, with 32 hotel rooms and 10 residence club apartments. Its exterior is loosely based on the Westin San Diego hotel (or Emerald Plaza), as it uses a lot of green glass and color changes throughout its length. There is a restaurant named THE RESTAURANT in the hotel lobby. Construction began and ended on March 31, 2018.

On December 22, 2018, the hotel was moved from its' original downtown location to a spot east of downtown, just north of the Waterville Ski Resort (also built by time2makemymove). This move prompted the name of the hotel to change from "BearLodge Waterville" to "BearLodge Waterville Ski Resort," and the two are branded as one property. The Ski Resort was used as an event location for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Waterville. There are 12 ski runs and 3 ski lifts on the property. A map of Waterville Ski Resort's runs can be found here.

BearLodge Richville Mills

BearLodge Richville Mills behind the mall it is attached to.

BearLodge Richville Mills is a high-rise hotel located in downtown Richville. As a prominent fixture in the city's skyline, it is also attached to Richville Mills Mall, also built by time2makemymove, and of which the hotel derives its name. It is 17 stories tall (although the 2nd and 3rd stories are not occupiable), and there are 54 hotel rooms and 15 Residence Club apartments. There is not a pool, but there is an on-site restaurant named "Oak Tree Lounge" - as well as many other shopping and dining options offered by the mall it shares property with. Construction began on May 8th 2018, and ended on May 12th 2018.

BearLodge Norwest Del Lago

BearLodge Norwest Del Lago viewed from the accompanying lake.

BearLodge Norwest Del Lago is a high-rise hotel located in Norwest. Sitting at 13 stories, it is a prominent fixture in Norwest's skyline. Included in amenities is lakefront access and activities, a restaurant named "Water Grill," and a large grill patio open to all guests of the hotel. The most recognizable aspect of the building is its' domed lobby, taking inspiration from San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado. It is served by NewRail's Waterside and Seasons Halt stations. There are 32 hotel rooms and 16 Residence Club apartments. Construction began on September 8th, 2018, and ended two days later.

BearLodge Bunny Mountain Ski Resort

BearLodge Bunny Mountain Ski Resort viewed from the roof of the Ski Clubhouse.

BearLodge Bunny Mountain Ski Resort is your go-to ski getaway. Sitting at 5 stories tall, it is by far the tallest building in Bunny Mountain. It is attached and has a corporate relationship with the neighboring Bunny Mountain Ski Resort, hence the hotel's name. In addition to the amenity of a full scale ski resort, the hotel also has three restaurants (Terraformer's Fish Grub & Grill, Cobblestone Coffee Company, Time's Bar), and a heated pool. There are 16 hotel rooms and 4 Residence Club apartments. Construction on the hotel and the accompanying ski resort began on September 10th, 2018 (the day the town was founded), and ended 12 days later. It is time2makemymove's favorite BearLodge thus far. A map of Bunny Mountain Ski Resort's runs can be found here.

BearLodge Oasis Sands

BearLodge Oasis Sands viewed from the southwest.

BearLodge Oasis Sands is a high-rise luxury hotel located in Oasis Sands' Shopping District. Located on top of The Palace Mall, the hotel accompanies floors 4-9 of the tower. There is a pub inside the hotel named "Conocido's Pub," and there is also direct access to The Palace Mall's many shops and restaurants. A pool is planned on the fourth floor. The hotel and the mall are both served by the Oasis Sands Metro Shopping District Station. There are 27 hotel rooms and 8 Residence Club apartments. Construction began sometime in September 2018, and ended on September 25, 2018.

BearLodge Creeperville Harbor

BearLodge Creeperville Harbor viewed from the river.

BearLodge Creeperville Harbor is a low-rise luxury hotel located in Creeperville's Kōmae District. It is built overlooking Creeperville's majestic shoreline, with a perfect view of Downtown and gorgeous ocean views. There is a pub inside the hotel named "Stone Brick Garden Restaurant & Bar." Located on the south side of the hotel is a boat launch area for hotel guests only. Valet parking is complimentary. Sitting at 5 stories tall, there are 24 hotel rooms and 8 Residence Club apartments. Construction began sometime in December 2018, and ended on January 2, 2019.

BearLodge Máspalmas Resort

BearLodge Máspalmas Resort viewed from the west coast of Lake Thanos.

BearLodge Máspalmas Resort is a low-rise luxury hotel located in Sunshine Coast's resort district of Máspalmas. It is built overlooking Lake Thanos. Sitting at 4 stories tall, there are 14 hotel rooms and 4 Residence Club apartments, as well as a restaurant on the second level named "COCO's" and a pool on the bottom floor that is partly inside the building and partly outside of it. It is almost a direct copy of a very old design of time2makemymove's that he built on his Minecraft PE world, then named the Regal Resort, with new additions made including a new restaurant and different style elevators. Cact0 elected to skip the line to get this hotel built, and as a result, it costed him $1,000. Construction began and ended on January 3, 2019.

BearLodge Venceslo Golf Resort

BearLodge Venceslo Golf Resort viewed from Hole 2 of the golf course.

BearLodge Venceslo Golf Resort is a luxury hotel & resort located in the eastern outskirts of Venceslo's Upper Venceslo district. Located off of East Clifftops Place, BearLodge Venceslo Golf Resort has a 4 story hotel tower with 22 hotel rooms, a pool, and most noticeably, an 18-hole golf course (also built by time2makemymove) surrounding it on all sides. The aforementioned golf course's overall par is 60, and it has been submitted to the server's Golf Course Construction Contest, the results of which are to be determined. Located on top of the famous and picturesque Upper Venceslo Cliffs, most of the golf course and all of the hotel rooms have spectacular views of the surrounding valley, and has especially good views of VFW, Venceslo's airport. There is a restaurant on property named the 19th Hole Bar & Grill. Construction began on January 5 and ended on January 8, 2019.

BearLodge Oakburgh

BearLodge Oakburgh viewed from  T3  West Oakburgh station.

BearLodge Oakburgh is a high-rise luxury hotel located in Oakburgh's West Oakburgh district, just across the street from  T3  West Oakburgh station, and just a block away from White Hart Lane Stadium and BluRail Oakburgh Station. BearLodge Oakburgh is 9 stories tall, with 28 hotel rooms and 0 residence club apartments, becoming the first BearLodge hotel to have no Residence Club apartments in it. There is a restaurant, a pool, and a conference center on the second level. Construction began on May 24, 2019, and ended one day later.

BearLodge Wythern Inn

BearLodge Wythern inn viewed from the valet parking lot.

BearLodge Wythern Inn is a small cottage style inn located in Wythern's Western district. There are 7 small cottages on the property, which is situated just south of Wythern Airfield. Due to the hotel's small size, this is the only BearLodge Hotel to not have a restaurant. There is also a community grill located on the pool deck. Construction began and ended on July 24, 2019.

Grand BearLodge Larkspur

Grand BearLodge Larkspur viewed from Grand Avenue.

The first Grand property since our original hotel in Venceslo, Grand BearLodge Larkspur is a 13-story 120-room resort located just a short walk from  NW23  Larkspur - Prescott Road in the premier city of Larkspur. Alongside the most rooms out of any BearLodge property, there are also two restaurants, a gift shop, a snack bar, a large pool deck, and a 6-hall convention center, by far the largest of any BearLodge property to date. Construction began on December 14, 2019, and due to many delays opened on April 18, 2020.

BearLodge San Dzobiak

BearLodge San Dzobiak viewed from Handlowe Boulevard.

BearLodge San Dzobiak is a 5-story 36-room low-rise hotel located in the Handlowe Commercial District of San Dzobiak as part of the MRT Fashion Square development. There are 28 hotel rooms and 8 Residence Club Apartments located on the property, as well as a full service restaurant (Siciliana Italiana), a bar, an indoor pool, workout center, and is connected to the MRT Fashion Square Mall by the North Parking Structure and a bridge across Platypus Valley Parkway. Construction began on April 19 and ended on April 30, 2020.

BearLodge New Acreadium

BearLodge New Acreadium's main building viewed from its plaza.

Our newest property, BearLodge New Acreadium is a 4-story 18-room low-rise hotel located in the Central District of New Acreadium, off of the main street. All 18 rooms are hotel rooms, and the modern design hotel has a beautiful view of the river, on-site parking, a resort pool and hot tub, a conference room, and a restaurant (The Patio Restaurant & Supper Club). It also has the largest rooms out of any BearLodge property before it. Construction began on June 28, 2020 and ended the next day.

BearLodge Nymphalia

Coming soon!

BearLodge BowTie Locations

BearLodge BowTie is a fully-owned subsidiary of BearLodge Hotels, made up of every new world hotel previously owned by the InterContinental Hotel Group. The name "BowTie" signifies the previous owners of InterContinental: kiwirainBOW and hntredTIE.

Current Name Location Number of Rooms Old Name Status
BearLodge BowTie Library Inn Mason City 9 The Library Inn by InterContinental Not Converted
BearLodge BowTie Mason City Fairmont Street Mason City 54 The InterContinental Fairmont Street Hotel Converted
BearLodge BowTie Vermilion Beach Vermilion 60 The InterContinental Vermilion Waterfront Hotel Not Converted
BearLodge BowTie Nippia Starlight Nippia N/A The InterContinental Starlight Hotel Not Converted
BearLodge BowTie North Haven North Haven N/A The InterContinental North Haven Hotel Partially Converted
BearLodge BowTie Mason City Parliament Island Mason City 15 The InterContinental Mason City Parliament Island Hotel Converted
BearLodge BowTie Astoria Astoria 36 The InterContinental Astoria Hotel Not Converted
BearLodge BowTie Waverly Waverly 80 The InterContinental Waverly Hotel & Casino Not Converted
BearLodge BowTie Elecna Bay Navajo Elecna Bay 15 The InterContinental Navajo Hotel Not Converted
BearLodge BowTie Liten Liten 99 The InterContinental Liten Hotel Not Converted
BearLodge BowTie Mason City Autograph Mason City N/A The Autograph by InterContinental Mason City Converted
BearLodge BowTie Ravenna Ravenna N/A The Autograph by InterContinental Ravenna Converted

Holiday Inn by BearLodge

Holiday Inn by BearLodge is a subsidiary of BearLodge Hotels, consisting of properties previously owned by InterContinental Hotel Group built under the "Holiday Inn" subsidiary.

Name Location
Holiday Inn by BearLodge Astoria Astoria
Holiday Inn by BearLodge Wythern Wythern
Holiday Inn by BearLodge Whitechapel Airport Whitechapel Sky Harbor
Holiday Inn by BearLodge Vermilion Airport Vermilion Gateway Airport
Holiday Inn by BearLodge Risima Risima
Holiday Inn by BearLodge Seaview Seaview & Aguaspueblos


Requests for building BearLodges are currently being accepted, however, there is a very long line, and it might be a significant amount of time before time2makemymove gets a chance to do yours. The minimum price is $150 and maximum is $300 (these prices fluctuate based on how long/how demanding the building process was). You can also pay time2makemymove $1000 up-front to skip the line.

If you wish to join the line, please edit this table by adding your name and the accompanying required information to the bottom of the table. If you wish to pay the fee and skip the line, contact time2makemymove directly.

Log of requests by inactive users: uglyname, Eliteneon, TalonPlays, Minecrafts000, MaxStewartS

If you are on this list and return to prominent activity, and still wish to have a BearLodge in your town, please let time2makemymove know.

Your Name Your City Hotel Title (optional) Style (optional)
SoaPuffball Nymphalia - Azure Plains BearLodge Azurian N/A
shadowboarder Eden BearLodge Eden N/A
airplane320 Zerez BearLodge Zerez Skyscraper
AyyLion Onemalu BearLodge Onemalu Island Resort Beach Resort
MindBender15 Radiance Square BearLodge Radiance Square N/A
AyyLion Delta City BearLodge on the Delta N/A
FredTheTimeLord New Bakersville City BearLodge in the Midtown Art Deco
FredTheTimeLord New Bakersville City BearLodge New Bakersville Skyscraper
ryanfr Bardot Springs BearLodge Bardot Springs N/A
Jian_Zen Bronte BearLodge Bronte Labrador Modern
woorich999 Antioch BearLodge Antioch Modern
CodyHM Seoland BearLodge @ Mascara Center Seoland Modern, Classy, hi-rise (Mariott @ Anaheim Convention Center)
Cookie46910 Peripotamia BearLodge Peripotamia N/A
Conric005 Birchwood BearLodge Birch Birch theme, high rise
CaptainObi Carnoustie idk talk to me when about to be built
Luigi_Board Sansvikk BearLodge Sansvikk Spruce/Stone based high rise
EdwardIII Blagovka BearLodge of the Savannah N/A
_Lego_ Endor Bearlodge Endor Spruce/White Concrete themed, looking like the Gaylord Opryland hotel but on a small scale
Weier Savage City T46 idk Just make it look good although I only have enough for a tiny one (150$)
JavaIsBetter Javashire Bearlodge Javashire British chain hotel style. Brick, terracotta/concrete
Wipeout111 Barshat Abtalit BearLodge Barshat Abtalit Modern and classy, should fit the style of the town.