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Town officials
Mayor Frankbros429
Deputy Mayor jphgolf4321
Founder Frankbros429
Sheriff Aliksong
Town Councillors Camelfantasy
MRT  P19 
Roadways  A4 
Facts and figures
Population 7
Town hall coordinates X 4338
Y 3232
Founded May 27 2015
Recognized as town Yes
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World New
City Phone Code 484

Beaufort is a town on the MRT Plains Line at  P19 . It has many shops and houses and even a man-made lake. The town was founded in May 2015 by it's mayor Frankbros429. It grew quickly for the first 3 months before leveling off due to school. In December of that year it got it's own metro and then 3 months later it got Councilor rank. After Councilor the town got a major revamp with all terraforming walls around the roads being flattened and the hill east of the station being regraded. The metro also got removed as it became buggy and in the way of buildings. The town thereafter got Mayor rank and it has been slowly growing ever since.