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2016-05-03 21.22.11.png
Old photo of Belvadere
Town officials
Mayor dubs17
Deputy Mayor Architect_21
Founder dubs17
Sheriff Morgan Freeman
Town Councillors MnhttnMdnss
MRT  C116  Belvadere
Bus IntraBus Route 401(United Cities Transit Commitee) to Central City
Roadways B17-shield.png
Nearest airport RB treats border control very importantly
Rail IntraRail (Local service to Lanark and Ravenna)
Facts and figures
Population 2
Founded Early 2016
Town rank Mayor
Renamed Belvadere
Official language(s) English
World New
Political Party  (O)  Organization of Peaceful and Established Communities
Ward(s) 9

Belvadere is a town on the MRT Circle Line on the New World owned by dubs17.



The province of Belvadere was founded as the town of Oak Ridge at the  C116  Belvadere station in early 2016 by dubs17 (at that point in time, Ender_Fire17). Growth happened very slowly, but soon it housed this buildings:

Derpy_Melon's Melon Shop and iMorgan

A residence of KevintheLlama15

City Hall

uCar Rental

Ender's Parteh Supplies

p11's da butter world

A Lighthouse

A harbor

And... An apartment complex


After Oak Ridge had reached this amount of buildings, Ender_Fire17 became Citizen and took a 2 month break from MRT. When Ender returned in April 2016, now known by his current username, Papyrus decided to make a MAJOR overhaul in Oak Ridge. This is when Papyrus renamed the town to Belvadere to make it sound more original and European. Then, he tore EVERYTHING down except the roads and City Hall. This began the new era of Belvadere.

As part of the overhaul to make Belvadere more European, two townhouses were constructed. They are now owned by Earack and _HeavenAngel_. A new harbor was constructed but soon demolished because it didn't fit the feel of a European style city. A major project in progress was the Belvadere Plaza Tunnel, which is a tunnel going under the large plaza behind City Hall.

To Do List

This list is prioritized with most important on top, least on the bottom:

-Expand Belvadere's road network and general area

-Get train lines filled

-Create a franchise

-Finish the Historic District

-Build an area with a government complex

News/Important Dates

Early 2016: Belvadere founded

Late April 2016: Overhaul takes place

April 30, 2016: Papyrus_17 becomes Trustee

May 2, 2016: Papyrus Incorporated was founded

May 3, 2016: The big BOOM begins when Architect_21 helped Pap with a road and for some reason, everyone wanted a shop in Belvadere. The Mall began construction and new buildings are being created! New buildings include: A chapel (unnamed), a town floor building housing the Redstone Consultancy (Narnia17) and another building with a bakery by QueenSmae. Also, an apartment building is starting construction too.

May 13, 2016: _dubs17 (new username) gets Councillor rank!

May 30, 2016: Ardy National Park, as seen on Benion TV News, is created (and destroyed). Also, the semi autonomous region of Randomland was created nearby Belvadere housing a bunch of prismarine buildings, a crappy light rail and player heads.

June 5, 2016: Belvadere reaches Mayor and Dubs founds Millennia!

April 2017: After a long time, construction of Belvadere resumes and big plans are being made for the layout of the city. Belvadere Union Station is under construction, with higher demand for rail services into Belvadere. A large government center will be built north of the current center of the town, which will serve as the main political and executive power over Belvadere, while the current city hall will become a landmark of the old era of Belvadere, going as far back as when the town was named Oak Ridge. Finally, the plaza has resumed construction, and is expected to be done within a few weeks.


The Historic District

This district is where it all started, hence the name. The Historic District is located around the C116 station. The primary focus of this district is an old European feel, brought out by the older looking buildings in the area. This district's landmarks include the Historic City Hall, a large theater and the Belvadere Union Station.

Geographic Location

Previous station Next station
 C115  Foobar
towards Wazamawazi
 C116  Belvadere  C117  Foobar
towards BirchView