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BenSi Transit
A part of BenSi Inc
Founder & CEO bensismith
Current Members BenSi Buses, BenSi Ferries, Omerah Tram, BenAir

BenSi Transit is a transit company, run by bensismith, providing all the basic services, like buses (and now apparently airlines...), and with some more unusual transport, like trams!

BenSi Buses

BenSi Buses is the bus division. It operates from it's main base, Omerah Bus Station. It is also a partner of the Ender Bus Alliance (EBA), so some of it's services may be code-shared with other bus companies also in the EBA.

See BenSi Buses for more info!


BenAir is the airline operated by BenSi Inc, and will mainly only deal with old-world flights. It will operate mainly out of the Omerah City Airport, working as a hub for the airline.

See BenAir for more info!

Omerah Tram

The Omerah Tram is pretty self explanatory: it's a tram in Omerah. It links the main transit hub with the marina. More to come, watch this space!

BenSi Ferries

BenSi Ferries is a company that provides ferry services across the MRT!

*: Omerah Port is currently being built. Services are redirected to OSI Port** for those built (or partially built), and those not started will remain that way until the port is complete.
**: This service will operate from a temporary port near to Omerah, and will act as a shuttler service over to Omerah.


Our current confirmed, but unbuilt/inactive routes are listed here:

  • Omerah Port - Edenmorr*
  • Omerah Port - OSI Port (P&R)**
  • Omerah Port - Oak Island Port*
  • Omerah Port - Biome Heights*
  • Omerah Port - Smithshore Port*

Our unconfirmed and planned routes are as follows:

  • Oak Island - Smithshore Port (for Stanley)
  • Oak Island - OSI Port (P&R)
  • Smithshore Port (BSBP) - OSI Port (P&R) (The Automover ferry)


BenSi Ferries uses only one ferry in its fleet, the Ferrier, for passenger use. Other designs are for other companies to use.

  • The Ferrier - The main (and only) design used. It holds over 30 passengers, and has 1 space for a bus or space for 3 cars!