Ben & Jeremy's

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Ben & Jeremy's
CEO/Founder KittyCat11231
Additional Information
Number of Locations 13
Location Price $15
Headquarters Feline Holdings Tower, Central City
Parent Company Feline Catering Group (a division of Feline Holdings)
Founded 4/23/2015

Ben & Jeremy's is an ice cream franchise owned by Feline Holdings. It has stores in several cities and offers a wide variety of flavors.


  • Victorius Vanilla - Creamy, rich vanilla ice cream, with real vanilla beans fresh from the farms in Nippia.
  • Champion Chocolate - Delicious milk chocolate ice cream, made with beans straight from the jungle vines near Ravenswood.
  • Snazzy Strawberry - The rich, fruity taste of organic strawberries from Avant Heim.
  • Mistletoe Mint - A fresh, minty spasm on your tounge from the forests northwest of Kitania.
  • CookieTech's Cookies & Cream - Gorge yourself on cookies baked fresh in Inchmuir, for a chance to win the new cWatch from CookieTech!
  • Ravenous Rocky Road - A chunky delight forged with chocolate from the Ravenswood jungles, chestnuts from the farms of Liten, and marshmallows made fresh in Kenthurst.
  • Ben's Banana - Long, ripe bananas from the banana trees of Huntington, meshed down into a creamy, delightful ice cream flavor.
  • Patrick's Pineapple - Fresh, tropical pineapples from Atlantis turned into rich taste of summer.
  • Caressed Caramel Fudge - Dripping caramel made in Ashmore combined with rich, chocolately fudge baked fresh in Gold City, combined into the perfect ice cream flavor.
  • Rainbow Ramparts - A delightful rainbow mesh of all your favorite flavors fresh from Huntington, Oakley, Nippia, Airchester, Kessler, Arisa, Wazamawazi, Liten, Siletz, and Cornus.


  • Ashmore (Local Flavor: Ashmore Apricot)
  • Merchant City (Local Flavor: Merchant City Mango)
  • Appleton (Local Flavor: Appleton Apple)
  • Utopia (Local Flavor: Utopia Underberry)
  • Royal Ferry (Local Flavor: Royal Ferry Raspberry)
  • Nippia - Delta Element Stadium (Local Flavor: Delta Dark Chocolate)
  • Laclede (Local Flavor: Laclede Lemonade)
  • Astoria (Local Flavor: Astoria Almond)
  • Janghwa City (Local Flavor: Janghwa City Jellybean)
  • Kolpino (Local Flavor: Kolpino Kiwi Mango)
  • Vashann - Eclipse Mall (Local Flavor: Vashann Very Berry)
  • Laclede - Sportsmans Field (Local Flavor: Sportsmans Sorbet)
  • Wythern Mall (Local Flavor: Wythern Watermelon)