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Alert.png As of the April 12th, 2020 General Staff Meeting, The City of Benion is now owned and administered by EliteNeon. The wikipage will be re-done soon (TM). mf_moj has been appointed Depity Mayor. Most other information on this page is inaccurate.
Ben Nation Flag.png
Top: The Ben Nation flag. Bottom: Benion on June 22, 2016.
Town Hall coordinates unknown
Important Dates
Rank [Mayor]
Founded June 16, 2015
Recognized as Town May 6, 2016
Town Officals
Mayor EliteNeon
Deputy Mayor mf_moj
Train Director Papyrus_17
Road Director AEhub
District Director Sirots
Building Director Hiring!
Postcodes see Benion Mail System
Phone City Code 114
Town Group Ben Nation
MPO North Eastern Association of Cities
Political Party  (F)  Freedom Party
MRT  C3  Benion Union
Bus To Be Determined
Train Benion Local Trains, IntraRail, Ben Warp Rail
Road B12-shield.png Highway B16.png B104-shield.png Highway B161.png  C14 

This town's phone code is 114.


NOTE: Most of this is fake, do not get mad at me.

It was the year 3500 BC, and when BirchView was at war with New Phoenix for the land that is now Benion, the soldiers from both towns really liked this area. The people from BirchView were settled near what is now the town hall with a civilization called EastView. The people from New Phoenix settled to the south in the mountains with a civilization called West Phoenix. New Phoenix ended up winning the war and getting EastView while keeping West Phoenix.

Once 3200 BC came, Laclede expressed interest in the land. There was another war with New Phoenix that Laclede ended up winning and called the land East Clade.

In 2985 BC, East Clade wanted independence from Laclede. Another war was started.


Benion is a town at C3 station on the MRT Circle Line. The mayor is EliteNeon, who assumed leadership after Ben6331 was banned in May 2017. The town is the capital of Ben Nation and was founded on June 16, 2015. The town is currently at Mayor rank.


Television service in Benion is served by National Cable's WBEN 14.

Cell Service

Benion has a Ben-Mobile Cell Tower to serve the town on Newbury Street as well as on Sixteeb Road. Fun Fact: The towers are working towers.

MRT Phone Network Exchange Codes

Area Code: 114

  • 001: South Benion
  • 002: North Benion
  • 003: Phoenix Tail Hotel
  • 004: East Grid
  • 005: Middle Lakes
  • 006: Sugar Peninsula
  • 007: Waybox
  • 008: Downtown

Useful MRTPN Numbers

  • Mayors Office: 114-001-0007
  • Deputy Mayor: 114-001-0006
  • Benion's First Farm: 114-001-0043
  • Mayor's Residence: 114-002-0015


  • The former mayor, Ben6331 was also thinking about putting the town at  T2  instead of  C3  as it is at right now.
  • Some streets have been renamed, such as S Circle Ave and Forest Ave.
  • Benion Local Trains was once known as Benion Train Authority.
  • Benion's transit hub will be called EEE, which stands for Eastern Hub of Eastern Easton.

Planned Stuff

  • Benion Bus Terminal (reconstruction September 2016)
  • Parkway Bus Terminal (coming September 2016)
  • Benion Waterport (Coming October 2016)

These dates are not accurate and are subject to change.


Train service is operated by Benion Local Trains lines 1 and 2.


Line 1

  • Tree Hill
  • Bank Forest
  • C3 MRT
  • Benion Lake
  • North Beach
  • Downtown

Line 2

  • Ravine Hill
  • C3 MRT
  • Middle Lakes

Inter-City Transit

Inter-City Transit
Previous station Next station
C2 - Dandenong West
Circular (west)
MRT Circle Line
C3 - Benion
C4 - New Phoenix North
Circular (east)
BirchView Central
towards BirchView
IntraRail - Upeaster
Benion - Town Center Train Station