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2016-07-09 19.33.10.png
Town officials
Mayor autobus22
Deputy Mayor AP_Red
Founder autobus22
Town Councillors the_blockmaster, _AngelAlexander_, AlikSong, camelfantasy
MRT  D18  Bexley Central
 D19  Bexley West
Bus BusLinQ City busses
Roadways B555 (open), B53 (Under Construction)
Nearest airport Awaiting Governor
Other transit TramLinQ, RaiLinQ
Facts and figures
Population unknown
Town hall coordinates -2215 68 4468
Founded 13 March 2016
Recognized as town 29 March 2016
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World Gamma
Post codes To be done
Political Party City does not partake in outside politics
Ward(s) 5, 7

Welcome to the Desert, Well not really. On this area which (Partly) used to be a desert now is starting to become a European styled city named Bexley. Bexley is a city which focusses on well designed buildings and infrastructure and warp vehicles for transport. Bexley has no metro but does have an extensive bus and tram network and is served by RaiLinQ.


Bexley is made up of quite a lot of districts each with their different average build date and own unique styling and feel.

City Center

2016-07-09 19.33.10.png

By far the most popular district and likely the most visited. The City Center is logically the place to go for a nice walk, visiting the main church and shopping off-course. The City Center also offers a variety of hotels for you to pick and has it's own market and market square. The City Center is made up of a mix of buildings from the 1600's to the late 1800's mixed with a bit of modern for a smooth and realistic style which is enjoyable to view and walk trough. Most streets here are named after US Presidents.


2016-07-09 19.34.36.png

Savannah is a small district north/west of the main MRT station at D18. It's filled with villa's with gardens in a modern and semi-modern European style. Outside of just housing you'll also find the Bexley Savannah Mini-golf Course here.

Railway Zone


Railway Zone is a small mixed use district smashed on the location of old rail-yards next to the main station and the direct area around the main station. Little of it's old history remains, and it now features the main railway station, multiple parking facilities and some suburban row housing from the 50's to 70's.


City Transit

Bexley has an extensive form of City Transport. All lines will be shown below but can also be found on the BusLinQ and TramLinQ pages.

Train Stations

RaiLinQ and the MRT Desert Line run trough Bexley, both have some nice stations in Bexley creating hubbing points for other transit in the city. You can find information about the stations here:

Bexley Central Station (MRT D18) (RaiLinQ)

Bexley West Station (MRT D19) (RaiLinQ)

2016-07-09 19.34.05.png

Bexley West is a small gateway on the RaiLinQ line from Falloway to Bexley Main and serves mainly the district of Westside. People that have been on the west side of the City Center can also use this station to get back home to falloway.

Bexley Colorside (MRT D20) (RaiLinQ)


City Specific franchises

Bexley has a few city specific franchises to keep the city from being overloaded with way too many varying franchises of differing qualities. They are listed below:

Jumbo Market

2016-07-09 19.33.26.png 2016-07-09 19.33.34.png

Jumbo market is a supermarket franchise focused on having the low prices in the city, brought to you with a smile. The store has simple yellow and grey colours and is easy to recognise around the city because of this.

PurpleGood DrugStore

2016-07-09 19.33.49.png

PurpleGood is a drug store, it's not very special but it serves it's purpose as an average drug store for the district malls and shopping area's.


Info to be added

Café "The Red"

Info to be added

Hanks Flower Palace

Info to be added

Franchise List

General Franchises

Attractions, Landmarks, Hotels and Public Transportation Information Locations not included.

Franchise Owner District Location Image
Chicago's Popcorn Camelfantasy Railway Zone Bexley Central Station
KIOSK City of Bexley Railway Zone Bexley Central Station
Iceland City of Bexley Railway Zone
Hanks Flower Palace City of Bexley City Center
BurgerQueen autobus22 City Center
St. John's Smoothie Bar City of Bexley City Center
IMorgan MikeRoma City Center
Melon Shop MikeRoma City Center
Cheese Palace Dope_Cheese City Center
Subway ??? City Center
AstroSlurp Conric005 City Center
Screenshear Entertainment ROM5419 City Center
Cake Cake Bakery Robang592 City Center
Panda Tech MishkaMan City Center
Green Alliance Yellowitcher City Center
Whiteley Cartography AP_Red City Center
FreeSTYLE Wears _HeavenAngel_ City Center
Chicago's Popcorn Camelfantasy City Center
Block's Butcher The_Blockmaster City Center
autobus22's Goudse Stroopwafels autobus22 City Center
Torch Sanctuary AEHub City Center
Due's Food Station Duechayapol City Center
Purple Good City of Bexley City Center
Café "The Red" City of Bexley City Center
Derek Jeter's Taco Hole jphgolf4321 City Center
Vitamin Drinks Shop Camelfantasy City Center
Jumbo Market City of Bexley City Center
Sushi Train ModernArt City Center
BTBank BaronThamesBank City Center
BNL Coffee QueenSmae City Center
150 Central Park Gopher City Center
autobus22's Greek Pizza autobus22 City Center President Jefferson Square Market
Bexley IceCream City of Bexley City Center President Jefferson Square Market

Hotels List

Includes any Hotels and B&B's

Chain Name Owner District Location Image
Hotel FireGreen City of Bexley City Center
Goldenrod Hotels bensismith City Center
The Tulip Hotel ??? City Center