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Big Lake

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Big Lake
Town Officials
Mayor gogojakeo
Deputy Mayor bensismith
Bus  1  Robin's Hill and Orwyn (Currently Unavaliable)
Roadways  I-0  (MAIN ACCESS)  MRT-2  Secondary Access
Facts and Figures
Founded Lakeside Town (September/October 2012)
Big Lake (January 9, 2013)

Big Lake is a town on the MRT Server (and is also the name of the largest lake on the server), created by Benie. It is located a 1/2 "mile" from Parkour (Y10), connected via I-0/Big Lake/Sprucewood Castle exit. The town can also be accessed from I-02.

<sidenote> This portion of the wiki was written by Benie, and is therefore written in first person from BENIE'S perspective </sidenote>
It was originally named "Lakeside Town" around September-October 2012, and the second Eastbound exit of I-0's original creation location. Started off with an idea to make an NPC Village, loosely based off of the version on my Single Player map, of an NPC Village with the same name. The area was also in a massive Desert biome (fragments of the old biome can be seen in various ponds). The idea never got off the ground and was abandoned, until January 8th, when a new thought came to make it like a park and housing in one.

Most of the buildings were hand-rebuilt using schematics from both my Single Player Map and Planet Minecraft. Credit is given to all house builders.

Returning to perspective of gogojakeo, the new mayor of Big Lake


Mayor: Gogojakeo
Deputy Mayor: Bensismith

Building Contributors: My Single Player Map (and various friends that built some of the houses back in the days of Minecraft Classic), Planet Minecraft, godzilltrain, _MajorMagpie_, Casey_Jones3, computerghost (Big Lake Park), MinecraftYoshi26 (did a fountain)

Town Rules

As mayor of Big Lake, the townspeople want nothing more but to live their lives laid back. They have left the big cities of the server for a more tranquil, and quieter lifestyle. Please respect this. ~gogojakeo
MRT Rules are strongly enforced per Town Rules. Gogojakeo has the authorization to remove any build without warning if it's deemed to not fit the theme of the town, or is in violation of any of the below rules.

1. All transit lines must be give express, written consent by the mayor, gogojakeo. Please message him in game or through hi PO Box in the town hall, it is regularly checked.
2. House/shop building is (of course) allowed (as long as you speak to gogojakeo), but is restricted to non-Modern houses. Victorian and Bungalow style housing is highly encouraged.
3. If you wish to live in Big Lake, you're more than welcome to. But you may only claim one house.
4. Please keep our beautiful lake clean at all times. No illegal dumping allowed.
5. Wish to help make Big Lake better by expanding or improving? Contact Gogojakeo via his PO Box, and please keep the theme of the town.

Town News

7/7/2014: Roads repaving completed

5/6/2014: Roads begin to be repaved, with a new layout

4/5/2014: gogojakeo acquires Big Lake, and begins looking for a deputy mayor

20/2/2013: I-0 Redesign Project complete. I-0 is now further away from Big Lake.

?/1/2013: "Hillside Housing" sector is planned (after a delay of what it would look like).

?/1/2013: The first brand new building is built. Big Lake Visitor's Center.

9/1/2013: "Big Lake Neighborhood" officially named as the new town. New roads are planned.

8/1/2013: New idea emerges to rename Lakeside Town into Big Lake, giving the largest lake on the server a name, and naming the town after it.


Big Lake Visitor's Center: It's mostly used as a Rest Area for I-0 traffic, but also serves as a Town Hall and a Hotel.

Visitor's Center Pig Parking: One of my best ideas that turned out better than expected. Has 11 parking spaces for your pigs, and an automated pig mount center. The 'Tree of Big Lake' is in the center of the lot.

Lakeside Drive: The first two houses of Lakeside Town and one of the original roads, is found here.

Hillside Housing sector: Offering awesome views of Big Lake, and a nice park in the middle.