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Founder Kenta1561
CEO Kenta1561
Builder Kenta1561
HQ/Offices etc.
Headquarter Spruce Hills Office Tower
Floor 6
Additional Information
Parent Company Quartz&Glass Enterprises

General Information

BirchFranch is a franchise company founded by Kenta1561. The company builds small and cheap franchises at any time. These are the currently available franchises:

  • BirchFranch Stalls (Price is written below)
  • Tourist Information (2.70$)
  • Yukiyama-An (雪山庵) (Price will be determined by the size, formula: width*length*0.06)
  • Spruce Business Hotel (75$)

How to order a franchise


Yukiyama-An Locations

Number Town/City Owner MRT
1 Spruce Hills Kenta1561 No MRT]
2 Whiteley AP_Red No MRT[
3 Ellesume Scorton _alli TBD
4 Digipool Thesteakpie  XE6  Foobar
5 Royal Plaza _AngelKevin_  ES20 - P34  Royal Plaza
6 Crossfern _RegularFrog_  T39  Foobar
7 Spruce Valley SubwayGamerMC  T41  Foobar
8 SummerVille ReindeerJulia  V28  Foobar

BirchFranch Stalls

The most famous franchise by BirchFranch are the stalls. The most common one of this type is the snack stall.

A snack stall built by BirchFranch

All of the stalls listed below are avilable in two sizes: 7x5 or 8x6.
One stall costs 2$, however if you order three or more at once, each stall will cost only 1.50$.

List of avilable stalls

  • Snack Stall
  • Glass Shop
  • Sword Shop
  • Redstone Shop
  • Flower Shop
  • Tool Shop
  • Wool Shop
  • Office Supplies Shop
  • CD Shop (1)
  • CD Shop (2)
  • Rail Shop
  • Banner Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Armor Shop
  • Enchant Shop
  • Brewing Shop
  • Potion Shop
  • Dye Shop
  • Jewelry Shop
  • Underwater Shop
  • Ore Shop
  • Clay Shop
  • Jewelry Block Shop
  • 50 Shades of Dirt
  • Quartz Shop
  • Stairs Shop
  • Light Shop
  • Sand Shop


A tourist information built by BirchFranch
The Japanese restaurant "Yukiyama-An" built by BirchFranch