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Conric005's Links
User Page: Conric005
Owned Towns: Birchwood, Dand
Franchises: AstroCorp, AstroSlurp, Neptune Buses
Flag of Birchwood.png
Town officials
Mayor Conric005
Deputy Mayor KevAKATheGr8
Founder Conric005
Sheriff N/A
Treasurer N/A
Town Councillors CodyHM
MRT  WN28  Birchwood Penn Station
Roadways Birchwood Expy
Beltway 9
Nearest airport Ilirea Midcity Airport
Rail Cross-Hibernate (Western, Hibernation, Ocean) Line (SEAT)
Birchwood Metro
Other transit Seoland Economically/Ecologically Advanced Transit (SEAT)
Facts and figures
Population 2000
Town hall coordinates N/A
Founded 8/17/2018
Recognized as town Yes
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World New
Political Party
Liberal Sein Fein (LSF)
Ward(s) 8

Birchwood is a larger small town in the New World at  WN28  Birchwood Penn Station. While Kensington is a separately incorporated town, It is a sub-district of Birchwood. It was originally named Birchville, but the name changed to Birchwood to reduce confusion with BirchView. This is Conric005's first town. If you would like to build here, please mail Conric005, and he'll find a plot for your building. The town is always open to new buildings!


There are only three transport systems currently in development; Birchwood Metro, SEAT's Cross Hibernate Line, and SEAT Bus connection. Birchwood is the western terminus of the Cross Hibernate line. The metro system will follow the Birchwood beltway, a road that travels all around the town. In the future, there will be a BluRail shuttle train stopping in Birchwood, connecting it to the rest of the BluRail system.

List of Notable Locations


Town Hall

BLB Headquarters

First SunshineBank

10th AstroSlurp

Conric005's Modern Home

Embassy Park

Embassy Park is a small outdoor mall area for small shops currently located on a road off of Main Street. Across the street is a line of embassies for multiple cities. At the entrance to Embassy Park is an info booth explaining Embassy Park and building rights. If you would like to build in Embassy Park, please mail Conric005 for a plot before building. You need Conric005's approval before building. Embassy Park will have a parking lot soon for vehicle access.

Franchise List

This is a list of all franchises currently in Birchwood.

Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png