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Streetmap birdhall.png
Town officials
Mayor Robang592
Deputy Mayor jamess2912
MRT  M27  Birdhall
Other transit Birdhall Metro
Great Central (Future)
RaiLinQ (TBC)
Facts and figures
Population 6
Founded 5 Oct 2014 SGT (4 Oct 2014)
Town rank Governor
World New/Gamma
Post codes  BH6 

Birdhall is a moderately large city on the new world and is located at M27. It was founded by Robang592 on the opening day of the gamma server, built in a mesa, with many buildings and plots for players to build on. It is part of the South Western Allied Territories.

Name and Flag

Birdhall is named after a town in the game transport tycoon mobile, located in a desert. The name was also heavily linked to Robang's love for avian organisms (I like birds). As the town hall was built, a very last-minute flag design was drawn up by Robang, being a 3x3 block of stained hardened clay. The base of the flag is a dark green, liking to Birdhall's greenery. At the centre of the flag lies an orange block, representing the mesa. Surrounding this orange block on the left and right sides, are two black blocks, representing the roads, and in extent, the city landscape of Birdhall. The black blocks being placed in between the green and orange represent the city being integrated naturally into the mesa biome and alongside nature. Conveniently, the square design also resembled the head of a bird, which is the city's namesake. The flag has since been extended to a 5x3 block to fit in with the usual flag standards.


Planning the City

Birdhall was planned to be built in one of two places, at  M27  Birdhall as it is now and  C104  Foobar. Originally, the buildings in Birdhall would have been coloured by different estates. This was eventually scrapped because the buildings in an immediate area would be coloured the same and the city would look, admittedly, dull. Furthermore, Birdhall would not have a lot of estates. You can see the original building designs in the Birdtown District -- a block of hardened clay with coloured dividers between floors. All roads of Birdhall were supposed to have two lanes (about 9 blocks wide with sidewalks) but this would have made the road too big in comparison to the 12x12 plots of Birdhall. This was then later incorporated into the more urban portions of Birdhall because the plots had larger and more proportionate sizes.

Fast Start (Oct - Dec 2014)

The building of Birdhall started on the day of the opening of the gamma server, 4 October 2014, the town hall being the first building built. Very quickly, the town grew larger and larger. Already, five buildings were built on the founding day. 10 days later, on 16 October 2014, the town reached ten buildings, bringing the city into [Councillor] rank. The metro was built on the same day, starting with Birdhall station, located opposite the town hall, where it still stands today. Three Deputy Mayors (DM) were added on the 26 October 2014, being Martii_Scots01, autobus22 and jamess2912. Then, it reached its twentieth building on the 31 of October. The next day, the town was brought into the [Mayor] rank, officially bringing it from a "town" to a "city". Three estates were zoned on the 6 of November 2014 -- the Town Hall estate, Robin estate and Downtown. One more DM was added, being Kottlewing, on the 21 November 2014. However, on 7 December 2014, assigned Kottle as the only DM due to the rule that only one DM was allowed per city.

Up the Ranks (Nov 2014 - 2015)

On the 5 November 2014, a landmark known as the Downtown Ring(s) was erected in the still developing Downtown for the promotion to [Senator] rank (changed later to the [Governor] rank). It was not a very noticeable nor big structure though, and this prompted Robang to change it eventually. That day was February 8 2015, where the landmark was redeveloped into a taller tower known as the Green Spire. Birdhall reached its thirtieth building on 24 February 2015. This was not a huge milestone, but it was worth mentioning. Finally, during the 2015 May GSM (2 May 2015), the city was finally promoted to [Senator] rank, after 6 months of [Mayor] rank, with a total of 36 buildings. In August 2015, the expansion of Birdhall to the north was halted due to another player's plans to expand near Birdhall. As a result, an extension to the north-west was made, called Spurnton in October that year. In December, the plans to extend Birdhall southward were finally realised when the Southhall Districts were established. A new reinstated metro line was made to run through the new estate, which was planned to be a clean and green estate with remote streetlights and a large amount of replanted trees, among other strategies (see "Greenery). On 19 December, jamess2912 was re-appointed as mayor when Kottle (Starcubed) left the server (for a short while). Birdhall's new landmark, the Birdhall Amphitheatre, was also built on this date, in the new extended Southern district. On 22 December 2015, Birdhall officially got its MRT station renamed (Finally!).

The Progress "Plateau" (2016)

On the 21 January 2016, Birdhall was featured (or spotlit) during the January edition of the Snapshot, being credited on how it how naturally was built together with its surroundings. On 3 March 2016, Birdhall reached its fiftieth building, with the completion of the Birdhall Dam, built by PWR Corp. On 12 March, progress was made in the failed Centric district with the opening of a small cluster of buildings known as the Centric Village. Birdhall finally reached its sixtieth building on the 8 May 2016, qualifying itself for [Governor] rank. In June, the Birdhall Port was completed, introducing another transport method into Birdhall -- by boat. Then, after a long wait, on the 27 June, Birdhall was promoted to [Governor] rank, with 64 buildings, after more than a year of [Senator] rank. After this, Birdhall's progress gradually slowed down due to Robang's school life at the time. Being on less often, the town's building count remained below 70 for over a year, although the IntraRail station at the Birdhall Transit Hub was built in November, being the first ever third-party line to open fully in the hub. Additionally, a new metro line, the first phase of the Wrenough Line, was built across the second half of 2016. The town hall was also rebuilt into a new, more taller city hall in December that year.

Picking Up Steam (2017 - Present)

In April 2017, progress was made on the extension of Birdhall even further south to the Sandstred estate. However, with secondary 3 life catching up to Robang, the extension will definitely be a long and spread out project.


The buildings in Birdhall are built of hardened clay. They are sometimes also colour coded(see below).
There are also three types of plots.
Plots in green can be claimed by players to build on, but you must ask Robang592.
Plots in blue cannot be claimed and anything built there will be destroyed when something is built there.
Plots in orange are commercial plots. They can be claimed but you must ask Robang592.
In Birdtown (see districts), the buildings in yellow are for services, like libraries and offices (has exceptions). All of these can be combined.
So far there are 67 buildings, 6 houses, 14 franchises, a lot of residential plots and a lot of commercial plots.


  • Town Hall
  • Birdhall Tower
  • Birdhall Apartments
  • Robang's House (Not counted as house)
  • Convenient Convenience Store (CCS)
  • Rangung Heights
  • Cake Cake Bakery
  • Things by the road
  • City Gallery
  • ChackHall Internet Cafe
  • The Building Building
  • Hallscraper
  • Birdhall Chill-Out Place
  • Robin Lane Public Library
  • Robin Wings
  • Southern Patch Greenhouse
  • Birdhall School of Random Things
  • Robin Lane Food Centre
  • Birdhall Metro Headquarters
  • Birdhall History Museum
  • Birdhall Cinema
  • Birdhall Metro Train Depot
  • Birdhall Fire Department
  • The Stanley Tower
  • Multi-C Building
  • Birdhall Police Department (Built by Kottlewing)
  • Plington Tower
  • Downtown Utility Building (Formally Birdhall Parking and Fuel Building)
  • Downtown Community Centre
  • Birdhall Bank
  • Gamma Hotel
  • Downtown Gallery
  • Canning Apartments
  • One Canning Link
  • Birsdah Apartments
  • Birdhall Secondary School
  • Birdhall Office Tower
  • Birdhall Parks HQ
  • Birdhall Transit Hub [Not counted as building]
  • Birdhall Shopping Centre
  • One Spurnton Drive
  • Tiam, Kopi! Food Court
  • Disproportionate Lighthouse
  • Lighthouse Hotel
  • Bricksworth Hospital
  • Birdhall Amphitheatre (Landmark)
  • Eco-Friendly Playground
  • Birdhall South Road Shophouses
  • Local Car Wash
  • Birdhall Wet Market
  • Centric Village
  • Birdhall Dam (Built by PWR Corp.)
  • Birdhall Natural Science Museum
  • Southhall Gallery
  • Southhall Community Centre
  • Newbin Community Farm
  • Southhall Police Department
  • Birdhall Port
  • Birdhall Green
  • Oakland Point Offices
  • Embassy of the City-State of Siletz (Built by MeetMeInSpace)
  • Birdhall Hardened Clay Industries
  • Birdhall Promenade Shophouses (Phase 1)
  • Birdhall Redevelopment Authority (B.R.A)
  • The Furniture Place
  • Petrol Station (Southern Estate)
  • NewChirp Junction
  • Block Books


  • Rangung Park
  • North Cliff Park
  • ChackBird Link
  • Bryce Valley
  • Southern Forest
  • Downtown Park
  • Birsdah Park
  • Birdhall Linear Park
The southern forest, located at the southernmost portion of Birdhall.
The acacia pod, a replica of the pods from the new Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve extension in Singapore.
  • Spurnton Point Park (West Cliff Park)
  • Birdhall Promenade
  • Oakland Link
  • East Cliff Park



  • Starcubed (Kottlewing)
  • Duechayapol
  • AlikSong
  • Yellowitcher
  • ModernArt
  • AdanWongCL2 (SoSo123)

Under Construction/Planned

  • Tons of buildings
  • ModernElect (ModernArt)
  • National Music Conservatory
  • Birdhall Promenade Shophouses (Phase 2)


The possible extensions to Birdhall.

Birdhall is confined to the mesa plateau connected by M27. Since there is very little space to build roads going through each section of the plateau, it is a bit of a problem extending. Possible extensions include: building even further south of the south extension to the desert (1), continuing to build between the plateaus to the north (but that's unlikely) (2), making something out of the Bryce Mesa towers (4), or making a huge SMP between Haskaa ( M28  Haskaa) and Birdhall (3). Extension to Haskaa has since been made out as an option, as SMPs have been abolished. The extension to the north is also highly improbable. Currently, option 1 is being carried out, being the Sandstred estate.

Districts and Roads

The estates of Birdhall.

Estates weren't planned at first but then were gradually added after a while. As said in the history section, the buildings in each district were supposed to be coloured differently, but that idea was scrapped. There are six districts in Birdhall.
Roads in the city are named by type: Roads, Lanes, Streets, Closes, Drives, Links, Avenues, and Rings. Roads are either 3 wide (normal), 4 wide (avenues), or 5 wide (roads in downtown, highways).

Birdtown District

The Birdtown District is the estate surrounding  M27  Birdhall station. This estate is the third largest estate in Birdhall. During the zoning of the extension to the south, the Robin district was relocated to the extension as the "New Robin district". The old district was merged together with the old Central district as Birdtown. It is named so as it has the older buildings made of hardened clay in it.

Robin District (Defunct)

The Robin District was originally the area around Robin Road and Robin Lane, and also originally contained the Southern Forest. It was merged with the Central district to create Birdtown. The Newbin (New Robin) district was then created in the extension to the south.


Downtown Birdhall,back when it was in early development.
The Downtown Ring, which was the original landmark in Birdhall, was a pole with some colourful rings around it.
A redevelopment of the Downtown Ring, The Green Spire is a tall, wooden tower, with leaves and glass on the side.

The Downtown district is the second largest district of Birdhall, the first being the Southern district. It is populated with several towers, including the tallest building in Birdhall, called Multi-C. It also has Birdhall's past landmark, The Green Spire. It is currently still in late development.

Centric District

This district is a continuation of the downtown estate. It has stopped expanding north due to another player's city planning to expand near the north plateau. The area near the transit hub has since been abandoned, a new building has been closed due to the expansion. The Y-Junction that would have the B-66 and more roads joining to it has also been closed until the highway is built (which it isn't, so technically the junction is dead).

Spurnton District

Spurnton is the aforementioned "extension to the north-west" that was stated in the expansion section. It is aimed to be a clean and green district that is eco-friendly. Lamps in the district are powered by solar energy, and plants are planted around the district.

Sandstred District

The Sandstred district is a planned estate to the southwest of Birdhall. It will be an estate quite simillar to the Southhall districts. It will contain a small light rail/tram system and a possible beachfront. A RaiLinQ line is also planned to stop here.


The term Southhall is used to refer to all the following mentioned districts, located on the south side of Birdhall. As you can tell, it is a portmanteau of "South" and "Birdhall". When the New Robin District was not in the plans yet, this term was used instead to refer to the entire district.

Southern District

This district is a new extension to the south. It currently contains the southern forest, the new downtown and the Southern Highway which links Birdhall and the expansion together. It is a clean and green, eco-friendly district. It contains the Birdhall Amphitheatre, the largest building and landmark in Birdhall.

New Robin District

An extension to the Southern district, which consists of many residential plots and a small industrial area.


Greenery throughout Birdhall. Click for details.

Birdhall feels strongly about preserving its greenery. That is why the Birdhall Parks authority was introduced to implement initiatives to preserve the greenery and environmentally-friendly mindsets of members.

The Southhall Dam

In January 2016, the company PWR commissioned a hydroelectric dam to be built in Birdhall (the big "river" on the map), that provides real power to the district to further emphasise the idea of the Southern District being eco-friendly. To create a reservoir to enable the dam to function, a natural-looking wall will be created on the north end of the gorge where the dam will be. This wall would slope downwards into the centre to create a waterfall effect, which acts as a spillover for the dam, as well as a beautiful aesthetic for the area, complementing the Bryce Mesa valley to which the waterfall would feed into. The water source for the reservoir is provided by a small aquifer that is just to the west of the gorge, in the Southern Forest, spilling over into the reservoir through a small waterfall. It has a bowed design, similar to the Hoover Dam in the USA.

The urban farming in Newbin.

Urban Farming

To promote an environmentally-friendly mindset in Birdhall, the Birdhall Parks authority introduced urban farming in the new residential estate of Newbin. It includes a set of farmland plots and a community farmer's market. The idea here is that residents can claim their own set of farmland on a first-come-first-serve basis, and then plant their crops in it. The community market provides seeds and crops free of charge to let users plant. It also contains a market where users can sell their earnings by using the [Buy] sign. It instils the idea of being environmentally friendly as well as a strong work ethic into the residents of Newbin.

Integrating Greenery

Birsdah Park's platformed gardens.

To integrate greenery into the city in a modern way, plots of land are specifically planned to be reserved for the creation of parks and greenery. These plots of land are spread evenly throughout Birdhall and are natural havens for flora and fauna to thrive. The parks in these plots usually consist of paths going through a lush forest or beside water bodies. They serve as recreational spaces for the residents of Birdhall. A special park was built in the downtown estate of Birdhall. Named Birsdah Park (a play on Masdar City), it consists of a 100% sustainable building, a greenhouse and of course, a park. The park is unique since it was the first to use platformed gardens in Birdhall.

The community centre in the Downtown estate of Birdhall, with green elements.

Sometimes, a dense district must not have any large spaces of greenery. In this case, greenery is integrated into buildings instead. Green elements, such as plants, trees and water, are placed in high-rise towers in various districts. A good example of this is the Downtown Community Centre. Shown in the picture, it has various elements of plants and water in it. These buildings will be the main type of buildings inside the planned Southern Downtown.

The shady roads of Southhall.

Alongside most roads, trees are planted to provide shade for the pedestrians and vehicles. In the newer estates, large oak trees are planted in place of small ones since they have more shade. Alongside the park connector paths as well, these trees can provide shade as well as ambience for the pedestrian.

A Continuous Waterfront

The area where a promenade would be built in the future.

Birdhall has a lack of recreational water spaces. This is solved with the addition of the new Birdhall Promenade. The promenade links together the Newbin estate with the Southhall pedestrian bridge. The waterfront contains 7 zones: each colour-coded with a colour that is a reference to the souls in Undertale definitely not a reference to another game that has specific colours that represent values. Each zone has its own pelican statue. For example, the orange zone has the Pelican of Bravery. The 7 zones are the Newbin, Cliffside, Portside, East Waterfront, Amphitheatre, Wrenough and West Waterfront. The Portside and East Waterfront zones are completed, with several shophouses along the Birdhall Reservoir. The Wrenough (Biome Plaza) and West Waterfront (Nature Walk) zones are planned to also consist of shophouses along the reservoir, with a pedestrian mall in the latter zone.


Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 M26  Foobar
towards Central City—Southeast Station via Evella
 M27  Birdhall  M28  Haskaa
towards Heampstead
Heampstead Kings Cross Railway Terminal
towards Heampstead
IntraRail Whiteliner
Birdhall Transit Hub
Whiteley Olympia-Cacturne Boulevards
towards Zaquar
Terminus IntraRail Wizard Service
Birdhall Transit Hub
towards Espil
Terminus IntraRail Rooster Shuttle
Birdhall Transit Hub
towards Haskaa


The MRT Mesa Line station  M27  Birdhall stops here.


Birdhall also has a metro system, which has 6 mass rail lines and two light rail lines with 35 stations.
More info can be found here : Birdhall Metro

A map of the metro.

Third-Party Rail

Third-party rail services are (mostly) available at the Birdhall Transit Hub. Currently, IntraRail operates train service to Whiteley and Zaquar. Great Central has a planned station here. A planned RaiLinQ line may also stop in Birdhall. The current plan is to have 3 stations located in Portside, Birdhall Central and the transit hub. However the stops are subject to change.


There is a small bus route in Birdhall, consisting of 6 stations. A new route is being planned that will be opened when the southern extension's road system is fully completed. Warp signs are placed in stations or buses stopped at stations. In the new line, warp signs are placed in a small destination select room. Although the downside to this is that the player has to pay an additional 25c.
Bus 1
B1 : North Cliff Park
B2 : Birdhall Station
B3 : Cinema
B4 : Downtown Ring
B5 : Birdhall Transit Hub
B6 : Centric Link
Bus 2 (under planning)
B2 : Birdhall Station
B7 : Birdhall Amphitheatre
B8 : Newbin Station
B9 : Southhall Gallery
B10 : Portside Station
B11 : Birdhall Port


A port is located in the Southern district, at the very southernmost point of Birdhall. It has many bays for somewhat small ships to park and pick up/drop off cargo and passengers. Currently, none of the bays are occupied. The port can currently only connect to the four large oceans on the left side of the map.


The Birdhall Amphitheatre's stage area.
The Birdhall Amphitheatre viewed from the metro station nearby.

Originally, the promotion to [Senator] rank required a landmark, but this was moved to the [Governor] rank. Since Robang already had a landmark, he decided to remake it. The original landmark in Birdhall was The Downtown Ring. It was a collection of rings around a single pole. This was way too small, so it was redeveloped to a larger, more "epic" landmark. The last landmark in Birdhall was The Green Spire. It is a tall, wooden tower that reaches up to 113 on the Y axis, at the highest point that players are supposed to walk on. There are 3 observation decks, each at different heights. Inside this 5x5 tower, there is a spiral staircase leading to the decks. However it was still too small, so Robang built a new and big landmark located in the Southern extension to Birdhall. The Birdhall Amphitheatre is the largest building in Birdhall. It is a multi-purpose area that can be used for performances, sports and more. It will probably be the largest building in Birdhall in a while as space constraints are making buildings smaller.