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Town officials
Mayor mfish125
MRT  G12  Bloomington
Roadway(s)  SR-37 
Other transit  M1   BMTA1   SRA 
Facts and figures
Population 20+
Town hall coordinates 794,65,-571
World Old

Bloomington, or G12 on the MRT, is a large city owned by mfish125. Many transit lines stop at this station, and the main line that comes to Bloomington is the BMTA. The ITA Metro1 line also stops here. Many of the city's buildings are made out of various sand materials, and then the normal building materials. It also contains a bus hub that houses many of the BMTA Buses, and also other buses and rail lines as well. Nearby Bloomington, at the next station northbound on the MRT Green Line, is the Redstone Gaming Centre, which can also be seen from Bloomington.