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BluRail Ad Services

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BluRail Ad Services is an ad company created by hvt2011 that sells ads in various locations, namely BluRail stations.

Ad Spaces

BluRail ad spaces are typically $5. The following list is a list of stations where there are ad spaces available:

Station Cost Per Space Spaces Available
Available now
Freedon BluRail $5 3 (concourse)
4 (platform)
Thunderbird BluRail $5 2 (concourse)
New Bakersville City Airfield BluRail $5 1 (concourse)
New Bakersville City - Coney Island BluRail $5 1 (concourse)
Mountain View BluRail $5 3 (concourse)
8 (platform)
Northberg BluRail $5 7 (concourse)
North Freedon BluRail $5 4 (concourse)
8 (platform)
Glenbrook BluRail $5 6 (platform)
Rockham BluRail $5 2 (concourse)
East Kenthurst BluRail $5 5 (concourse)
Downtown Kenthurst BluRail $5 5 (concourse)
Vermilion BluRail $5 4 (concourse)
16 (platform)
West Vermilion BluRail $5 5 (concourse)
16 (platform)
Mississa Bay BluRail $5 5 (concourse)
Elecna Bay North BluRail $5 1 (concourse)
Laclede - LHT BluRail $5 1 (concourse)
Bay Point BluRail $5 2 (concourse)
12 (platform)
PMA Airfield BluRail $5 1 (concourse)
21 (platform)
Not yet available for purchase
Larkspur BluRail $5 1 (elevated walkway)

Terms and Conditions

  • The following terms apply to $5 ad spaces:
    • Contact hvt2011 if you would like one of these spaces.
    • Attack ads are not allowed.
    • A full refund is allowed if you have bought the ad space(s) a week or less ago.
    • Ad spaces that have had an ad in them for more than one week will not be refunded.
      • Exception: If BluRail Ad Services revokes your ad for any reason, you will be entitled to a full refund for that particular ad space.
  • The following terms apply to free of charge ad spaces:
    • Contact hvt2011 if you would like one of these spaces.
    • All types of ads are allowed.
    • Your ad may be revoked without notice.
    • You may not resell ad spaces.