Bobits Chemists

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Bobits Chemists
Number of Stores3
HeadquartersIOI Building 2, Carnoustie
Other Information
FoundedFeburary 4th, 2020
Parent CompanyIOI,
Current Selling VersionsCustom

Bobits Chemists is a franchise owned by CaptainObi. So far we only do custom stores. This may or may not be a ripoff of the british brand Boots.

List of Locations

Branch # City / Area Ward X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate Z-Coordinate Design Date Established Local MRT
1 San Dzobiak 4 1940 70 3293 Custom 4/2/2020 N/A
2 Wazamawazi Upsidedown Mall 8 -6621 20 -4161 Custom 6/4/2020 C97
3 Wazamawazi District Mall 8 -6361 71 -4213 Custom 20/1/2020 C97