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Alert.png As of January 6, 2019, Borderville has been integrated into Deadbush. This wiki page will be kept for historical and archival purposes.
Town Officials
Mayor MojangChan
Deputy Mayor Cact0
Roadways Government Road, Ring Road, Lake Road
Facts and Figures
Population 3
Founded 18th July 2018
Official Language(s) English
World New World
Ward(s) 6

Borderville is a town founded by Foxfoe in Ward 6 that was created when MojangChan was looking for neighbours for his town Deadbush. As the name suggests, Borderville is located right on the border of the Mesa biome to the east, and the Desert biome to the west.


Borderville was created when MojangChan was looking for neighbours for his town Deadbush. It shares a natural border with Deadbush, this being the mesa plateau located to the east of the town, which was agreed on by both mayors at the time of its founding. The town hall was built on the highest point of a natural hill, called Government Hill. Building has begun around the base of the hill, and it will eventually be completely surrounded when the first phase is completed.

Major Builds

List of Completed Builds


Borderville Town Hall

Borderville City Library

Borderville Post Office

United Church

Government House

Woolworths Supermarket

Borderville Plaza (completed 25/10/2018)


Deadbush Embassy

Stone Bank