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Brickmart is a grocery chain with its headquarters located in the Twin Cities (Whitechapel-Corrigan).

The standard grocery store size is a whopping 42x37, but it has a expansion potential on top of it turning it into a skyscraper with a store at the bottom, much like an urban grocery store.

The current locations of Brickmart is:

Store # City
1 Corrigan
2 Whitechapel
3 Zaquar
4 Radiance Square
5 Ilirea
6 St. Roux - Parlement
7 Birdhall
8 Babylon City
9 Haskaa
10 Huntington
11 West Calbar
12 Royal Ferry
13 Birchview
14 Thunderbird

The BrickMart Headquarters in Whitechapel is located at where Geelong Beach Road intersects the Twin Cities Canal.