British West Indian Airways

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British West Indian Airways
BWIA Logo.png
Feel The Islands
Corporate Information
Subsidiaries Virgin Air
Parent Company The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham
Facts and figures
Number of Destinations 3
Founded January 2017
Airline Information

This is a new airline owned by The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham.


Model Image Classes Seats
737-900 BWIA-900.png Flexi 18
MD-80 BWIA-80.png Flexi 10
777 BWIA-777.png Elite
Climax-300 BWIA-300.png Standard 3


Flight # Airplane Destination 1 Destination 2 Notes
BW133 Climax-300 Werk-En-Rust Airfield → Siletz-Umatilla Regional Airfield ↓  Flight In Development 
Grayzen National Airport ←  Flight In Development 
BW18 Climax-300 Werk-En-Rust Airfield Kolpino  Flight In Development 

Virgin Air

This is the helicopter sub-brand. There is currently one route, with more to come

VT48 Service Diverted 

  • CCHC
  • Werk-En-Rust Airfield

Flight Classes


This class is available on our largest plane which is normally used for long haul flights. This package includes

Elite In-flight service

  • Bed
  • Luxury premium leather reclining seat
  • Work Station
  • In-flight Entertainment
  • Personal stewardesses
  • In-flight gourmet catering
    Special meals can be requested on board if the meal is reasonable

Service is not limited too these amenties additional amenities are available free of charge upon request

Elite General Perks

  • Anytime flight

Show up to any of our destinations check-in points and show them your elite membership card and you are guaranteed a seat

  • Chauffer service from the destination airport to any destination within the city or cities served by that airport


  • Padded reclining seats
  • One Standard meal

For passengers with special diets please speak to the flight crew to see if there are any alternatives