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Town Officials
Mayor Miner_Piggy
Deputy Mayor Snaf014, allifarki
Founder suppoe/carbooster751pc/finey125
MRT  G26  Ghasts Stadium (Closest stations)
Other transit  DS3 
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates x: z:
Official Language(s) English
World old

Brooklyn is a small city located just outside the Akane Region, the western ice plains.It consists of two cities previously named Shady Grove and New Mineston,both cities' mayor were Miner Piggy.


  • New Mineston
  • Shady grove
  • Beacon ski resort


This city will have a DS3 station soon,it'll reach Kalmar and Derry.Shady Grove had two abandoned Cyan stations placed by Carbooster,Snaf014 is planning to extend these to other districts and nearby towns. With The Airport Ban Lifted on the old world The Brooklyn Regional airport is now Under Planing!


  • Shady Grove theatre
  • Musics Gems
  • Beacon Ski Resort ( under renovations)