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Town officials
Mayor NexGen
MRT  ZN44 
Facts and figures
Town rank unranked
World New

Broxbourne is a new city being built at  ZN44 . The city, once built, will contain a large tourist hub, centred around a lake nearby the main station, complete with boutique hotels, luxury shops, and exciting new food and drink options for tourists of all budgets, as well as a CBD area with economic zones and medium-high density commercial, coupled with mid-high range apartments, making it the ideal place for a young entrepreneur, or successful business magnate to live.


5 June 2019: Broxbourne was founded. The Lakefront Tourism Precinct was created, with a Visitor Information Hub (Demolished), a Subway Station, and a Bus Terminal (Demolished).

June 2019-February 2020: Town Dormant as NexGen is absent from the MRT.

15 February 2020: NexGen returns to the MRT, bringing new hope for Broxbourne's future. Between the 15th and the 18th, when Epsilon will be taken offline to make way for Zeta, Broxbourne saw the installation of a Four Station Subway, the Broxbourne Crossrail Meridian Line (Phase One), as well as Fifteen Completed Builds.


Broxbourne is connected to the rest of the MRT via the Zephyr North Line, at  ZN44 , as well as via IntraRail's Grand Northern Train Service. Plans are in place to build a road to connect the Rank Resort Corridor to the A1. Within Broxbourne, there is currently a Four Station Subway, the Broxbourne Crossrail Commuter Line (Phase One). This line will eventually gain another Six stations to make it Ten, and there is a Second Line in Planning Stages.


Lakefront Tourism Precinct

This precinct caters for tourists, and benefits from limited congestion due to the absence of roads in the central area of the precinct. The only local roads located within the precinct are service roads for businesses. The area encompasses the surrounds of the lake, a highlight for tourists and visitors to the area, with food kiosks and shops located nearby boutique hotels on the lakefront. The area will see a revitalisation in March 2020 as the three Hotels will be demolished to make way for the new Grand Langdon Broxbourne.

Business Directory

Name Type Location Notes
ChaChaRealSmooth Bubble Tea Shop K01, 2 Lakefront Parade
Sans Inn Food & Beverage Shop K02, 2 Lakefront Parade
SteakJP! Steakhouse 2 Lakefront Parade
Comet Cafe Cafe 3 Lakefront Parade
Grand Langdon Hotel Hotel 4 Lakefront Parade
Grand Wyatt Hotel Hotel 5 Lakefront Parade
homotel Hotel 6 Lakefront Parade

Meridian Water

Meridian Water is an upscale Water-Front development consisting of a mix of High and Low-Rise buildings. The area began development in February 2020.

Business Directory

Name Type Location Notes
ChaChaRealSmooth Bubble Tea 1 Angel Road
EmTheKittyKat's Energy Drink Shop F&B 2 Angel Road
Vacant Lot Vacant Commercial 3 Angel Road Vacant
S' Mart Variety Store 4 Angel Road
Meridian Water Offices Office Building 5-8 Angel Road Office Space Available
Meridian Pier Pier 9 Angel Road
Broxbourne Heritage Station Railway Station 10 Angel Road
Meridian Point Apartments & Shopping Mall Mixed Use Highrise 11-12 Angel Road Built, but not open.
Prismarine Cafe Cafe 13 Angel Road
Comet Cafe Cafe 14 Angel Road
eBirch Electronics Electronics Store 15 Angel Road
Meridian Water Station Railway Station 1 York Street
Grounds Coffee Cafe 2 York Street


Harlow is a planned Residential District, it will be placed on the mount (to be named soon) between Meridian Water and Lakefront Tourism Precinct. Harlow will consist mainly of single dwellings, and townhouses, although zoning does permit for apartment buildings up to a height of four (4) floors. A small town centre will be constructed with light commercial, specifically zoned for the construction cafes and a convenience store. Heavy commercial will not be permitted as Harlow is adjacent to the Hadham Combined Industrial/Business Park and Hadham Retail Centre, which will be constructed in Phases synced with Harlow's Growth Plan. For details on Hadham Commercial Precinct, see below.

Hadham Commercial Precinct

The Hadham Commercial Precinct is a planned Commercial District, containing the Hadham Combined Industrial/Business Park and the Hadham Retail Centre. This Precinct will be constructed in Phases synced with Harlow's Growth Plan to ensure the correct services are available for the density of the local area.

Hadham Retail Centre

Hadham Retail Centre will be a large Retail Centre containing a variety of shops for all needs. It will be constructed in Three Phases

Phase One

Phase One will consist of the construction of One Multi-Storey Carpark, a dedicated Railway Station, and 5-10 Small Size Retail Stores, 3 Medium Size Retail Stores, and 1 Anchor Store. The Building will be spread over One Storey, but the Anchor will be Two Storeys, and an Entrance/Exit will be built but blocked off for connections to Planned Second Storey.

Phase Two

Phase Two will consist of the Construction of the Second Storey of the Centre. Planning is in place for the construction of a further 5-10 Small Size Retail Stores, 3 Medium Retail Stores, and a Second Anchor Store. This Phase will also see the first Big-Box Retail Store Constructed within the Retail Centre.

Phase Three

Phase Three will see the construction of an extension of the main retail centre, introducing a Casual Dining Precinct (Open Late) as well as a Cinema. More detail will be revealed as Phases One and Two are built.

Hadham Combined Industrial and Business Park

Hadham Combined Industrial and Business Park will be a large Heavy Commercial Zone constructed in Phases, although the Phases are not planned and will be adapted for Broxbourne's needs.