Bunny Mountain

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Bunny Mountain
The original promo picture of the secret project, later confirmed to be the Bunny Mountain Ski Resort.
Founder/Mayor time2makemymove
Deputy Mayor n/a
Location East of Norwest
Date Founded September 10, 2018
Rank unranked
Residents 1
Builds technically 2... :[

Bunny Mountain is an unranked town located in the northwest epsilon snow region. It is founded, owned, operated, and completely built by time2makemymove, and its current main calling point is the Bunny Mountain Ski Resort, which has 9 runs, 3 ski lifts, a café, and also a BearLodge with a pool and many restaurants.

Bunny Mountain Ski Resort is the first outside ski resort on the entire server.

The entirety of the mountain was terraformed by hand by building into an already existing mountain. There were only two worldedits done in the entire process: one to add barrier blocks, and one to stack the BearLodge. Everything else was completely built by time2.

The closest two settlements are Norwest to the west and Frostbite to the southeast.

Bunny Mountain Ski Resort's main clubhouse, with the Summit Lift and other runs in the background.
The top view of the Ski Resort's runs and lifts. Map by dragonbloon419.
A picture of the terraforming process during construction.