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BurgerQueen Logo.png
Founder & CEO autobus22
Number of Stores 32
Facts and figures
Headquarters -
Founded March 9, 2015
Parent Company ABC

Welcome in burgerQueen, a classy and cheap burger restaurant providing the best burgers on the MRT, started on march 9th 2015 by autobus22, the franchise was directly a succes with 5 stores sold within a few hours. Most stores include over the counter sales for BnL Coffee and Slushy Cat. Others can be added on request for a small fee to the original franchise owner.

Types of stores

There are coupple of different kinds of stores available.


Custom build BurgerQueens are quite rare because of the price. The price of ordering is high because coming up with new designs everytime, on the detail level BurgerQueen is build costs a lot of time.

BQ C.png


Small stores are not very common, they are generally only ordered when the space is to small or when theres not enough money. Just like on the other stores, the detail level is very high. The cost for a Small BurgerQueen is just $25. A small version is 8*15 blocks large.

BQ S.png


Medium BurgerQueen's are the most common, they are fitted with a nice point, sleek and welcoming design, a large amount of seetings, a good mood, a outside area, Coffee served by Buy N Large Coffee Roasters, Stylish plants, roof windows and Medium BurgerQueen's fit perfectly in a suburban, or urban environment. A medium version is 19*24 blocks large.

BQ M.png


These large BurgerQueen's are overflown with details, from toilets to a spot where kids can play, a nice pond, good seating and a good mood. An outside area is also included, Coffee served by Buy N Large Coffee Roasters, Stylish plants and more. The size of this version is 33*26



Info soon. The size of this Version is 14*10


Custom Mallspace - Length*width*height÷20= PRICE SUMMER SALE: Length*width*height÷28
Custom open Air - Length*Width÷5= PRICE SUMMER SALE: Length*width÷7
Small - 25$ SUMMER SALE: 15$
Medium - 35$ SUMMER SALE: 25$
Large - 65$ SUMMER SALE: 50$
Dezign - 45$ SUMMER SALE: 30$


Locations (click to make larger) (Outdated)
Store Number Store Type Buyer City Cost
1 Medium technological99 Merchant City 35
2 Medium Ryumitch Vekta 35
3 Medium _frozen Whitechapel 35
4 Custom kottlewing tetrapolis 56
5 Custom Tom_Pairs Achowalogen Takachsin 56
6 Small Camelicano San Reinoldi 25
7 Small gogojakeo Totsworth 25
8/13 Large mine_man_ Elecna Bay 65/33
9 Custom Godzilltrain Segville 64
10/11 Large/Custom jphgolf4321 Laclede 65/--
12 Small narnia17 Utopia 25
14 Dezign just_robinho Marblegate 45
15 Custom TonyTajiri Astoria 25
16 Custom creeperface_ BirchView 23
17 Custom MinecraftYoshi26 SkyMall 50
18 Medium MeetMeInSpace Siletz 35
19/22 Custom/Custom autobus22 Wazamawazi --/--
20 Large Redbear47 St. Anna 65
21 Small Detroit_Kitteh Matheson 25
23 Custom camelfantasy Fort Yaxier 102.40
24 Custom camelfantasy Formosa 6.50
25 Medium _InDev_ Espil 35
26 Large allifarki Ellesume 65
27 Custom BaronTB Daneburg --
28 Custom Soleurs Konawa 22.41
29 Custom autobus22 Bexley --
30 Custom CortesiRaccoon Murrville 29.14
31 Medium sesese9 Scarborough 35
32 RailFoodTruck rocketscience Sesby (MRT Warptrain Museum) --
33 Custom Narnia17 Isle of Chez --

Awards Won

  • Inovate franchise award on the first MRT catering awards show.