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Buy n Large

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Buy n Large Corporation
CEO MeetMeInSpace
General Counsel AlikSong
Headquarters Central City, Fairfax Street West Tower (Global)
Subsidiaries 34
Divisions 6
Buy n Large Stores, Siletz

MeetMeInSpace's Buy n Large Corporation, or BnL Corp, is a large interserveral privately-owned entity that manages and dominates the BnL Group of Companies. It is headquartered within the Fairfax Street West Tower complex in Central City, located near the Central City bus terminal. BnL is now involved in many aspects of urban development throughout the cities as a result of CEO MeetMeInSpace's new corporate power. The corporation's greatest achievements so far include first introducing the concept of vertical farming to Royalston, reconstructing the University of Siletz at its original location (the original campus was burnt down during MeetMeInSpace's rise of power in Siletz), and rebuilding the Fairfax Street West Tower multiple times.

Corporate History

BnL was initially founded in early 2015 as Galaxy Corporation (Galaxy Corp), devised as a corporation that binds MeetMeInSpace's then sole business in the cities of the MRT (now Buy n Large) with BnL's estate in Siletz. But it wasn't until Space attained the Mayor rank in mid 2015 that the company began to evolve to what it is today. Most associated projects were regarding Siletz, until the proposal to build the University of Siletz, along with the reservation for a plot in Central City for the Park Avenue West Tower complex, was granted to BnL in early 2015. Galaxy Corp was then renamed to BnL in late 2015 during a massive corporate rebranding effort. BnL attempted to expand its operations to other servers, but ultimately failed, and remained confined to the MRT server.

Offices, Operation Centers, and Other Facilities

The following are office spaces, manufacturing centers, arenas, and other operation centers owned by Buy n Large.



This 36 Story building in Siletz manages mostly everything BnL does. It is currently the tallest building in Siletz.

  • BnL Corporate Financial Centre (Nippia)

A 15 Story building in Nippia. Manages finances.

This 36-floor behemoth is the tallest tower in the commercial district of Kenthurst. It serves as an outpost for BnL in the Western Region of the New World.

  • U Tech Manufacturing Center (Siletz)

Soon to be in our Industrial District, the U Tech Manufacturing Center will operate in Siletz.

  • U Tech Corporate Offices (Liten)

Now under construction, this soon-to-be 30 story high rise skyscraper will be home to one of the U Tech offices.

This small office space is used for job interviews for Buy n Large, a Support Center, a Consultant, and recreational facility.

This small office space is for reception only. If you would like to speak with a specialist, please contact the Storalisburg office. This is on the top floor of the second tallest building in Newton Le Willows.

  • Buy n Large Warehouse (Utopia)

This small warehouse manufactures, ships and receives BnL Skincare products from NAX Face, BnL Coffee, and U Tech Phones. There are currently two trucks in operation, but we plan to have more in the near future.

This 17 story tower is the third tallest in Royalston. This office tower manages everything NAX Face. Skincare products, product ideas, profit, stocks, NAX Face media, etc.

This BnL office is on the top floor of a building in Whitechapel. The coordinates to this building are -3505 69 -2208. This office manages all of the groups in Buy n Large.

Would like to have an office, manufacturing center or a regional HQ of one of our companies in your town or city?
Contact MeetMeInSpace in-game, mail, or some other form of contact.

Divisions under Buy n Large Corporation

  • Electronics Division
  • Catering Division
  • Transportation Division
  • Retail Division
  • Financial Division
  • Industrial Division

Companies and Franchises under Buy n Large Corporation