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CAT-Rail is a third-party rail company on the MRT, it was founded by it's current owner Purrcat2010. CAT is shorthand for Cattington Attained Transport. CAT-Rail is a sub-company of CAT. It has it's headquarters in Cattington. Unlike most new rail companies of the MRT, it is upgrading to warp rail. It's lines are named after famous stars in the night sky. It does not have any lines in operation at the moment. However, the Polaris, Thuban, and Sirus are under construction right now.



The cities that this line plans to serve are as follows

Cattington (Terminus, connections to Thuban and Sirus Lines)

Status: Station Operational

Spruce Valley (connections to Thuban, Sirus, and North Pole Lines)

Status: Station Operational


Status: Permission not yet asked for

This list will be updated as time goes on.