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Town officials
Mayor colaja953
MRT  B29  Cactusville
Other transit  TC  TerminusConnect
Facts and figures
Population 0
Founded October, 2012

Cactusville is a town on the MRT Server, located at  B29  Cactusville Station. The current mayor is wilywonker. The station remains the only addition made to an original MRT Line. It was added in October 2012 as part of a Halloween adventure map. A small town, named Cactusville by chiefbozx has since been built there by colaja953.

The Legend of B29

Cactusville is located at the South-East terminus of the MRT Blue Line. Up until October 2012, the terminus for the Blue Line was thought to have been  B28  Nanthaven. In the week approaching Halloween 2012 strange occurrences began happening on the server. This included unexplainable broadcast messages from the server, disappearing staff members and an indestructible pumpkin just East of Nanthaven. Rumours went around about the existence of a 29th MRT station on the blue line although server staff dismissed these claims.

On Halloween 2012 there was an odd presence on the server, Spawn Station had been decorated for the occasion but signs indicated the existence of B29. A book titled "The Mystery" had been found in the MRT Library and in PO boxes at the MRT Mail Centre. The book confirmed the rumours that B29 did exist. Some players made their way to the location to find a temple filled with puzzles and traps. Following clues, players made their way through the haunted station. After completing the adventure, players were surprised to find themselves at Ravenmoor Manor, a haunted house just South of  B19  Inchmuir.

Those wishing to try out the adventure map can find the original starting book in the MRT Library at  B12  Government District Station.

Name History

The name Cactusville was assigned to the station while it was under construction, since terminus stations on the old world were named from inception. Since Nanthaven, the old terminus, was named after a terminus from Frumple's MRT v1.0 station videos, Chief named Cactusville after the other terminus (particularly fitting, since B29 station was built on the edge of a desert biome).

Transit Hub

The Cactusville Transit Hub serves rail and bus connections. It is currently being built and SqueakyBubbleGum For applications for bus bays and transit lines, please see here.

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 B28  Nanthaven
towards Gund Valley via Spawn City
 B29  Cactusville Terminus