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Town Officials
Mayor Omricon
Deputy Mayor




Facts and Figures
Population 18
Founded November 2nd, 2014

Camino Island lies in the South-West region of the New World (aka. Gamma).



Deputy Mayors:


Town News

- 2nd November: Camino Island was discovered by two explorers; hellfirew44 and Omricon.

Common Misconceptions

Misconception: Omricon is Mayor of Camino

Origin: He is the most active member on Camino Island.

Reality: The Caretaker, MonseurKeks fills the role as Mayor to abide by the rules of the MRT server. As hellfirew44, Ortem and Omricon want equal credit none of them has taken the role as Mayor for Camino

Misconception: Camino Island is polluted by radiation from the nuclear reactor.

Origin: People don't understand how nuclear power works.

Reality: Camino Island is the least polluted area on the MRT, not only is eco friendly solutions a high priority (uCars are banned on the island), but as they use Nuclear power, which gives out 0 emissions and no radiation, the grass on Camino is so fruitful it has a shade of green not seen anywhere else on Gamma.