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Company Staff
Founder/Owner bensismith
Key Locations
First Location Omerah
Second True City
Latest Location Eastern Heliport
Last Under Construction Chesterfield/Kitania
First Opened 04/01/14
Last Old World Loc. Built 27/09/14
First New World Loc. Built 06/10/14

CartMart is a franchise run by bensismith, and is a supermarket that is flexible in space and products! This franchise has been retired for the new world, however a few exclusive Gamma and Epsilon locations have been built.


  • Jan 2nd 2014: Development started in my lab
  • Jan 3rd 2014: First test site opens in Omerah
  • Jan 4th 2014: First Official store opens in True City!
  • Jan 5th 2014: Second store and first "Xpress" store opens in Autotown Mall!
  • Feb 6th 2014: New type, called the Quickie Mart! (See here for details)
  • Mar 7th 2014: 7 more stores have opened since the last update, and we have reached 10 stores!
  • Jun 28 2014: A new type of store, the Quickie Quartz, has opened in Desertice! Also, 3 other stores opened!
  • September 2014: Progress and losses: the CartMart completes its final old world CartMart in Final City. However, its the new world next!
  • October 2014: Delfino city MRT cart circuit in games world contains a fake Cartmart now!
  • October 2014: A singular Gamma edition of the CartMart was built in bensismith's new world town of Freshney!
  • September 2017: After a 3 year hiatus, a special edition of CartMart was built in Verdantium Central RaiLinQ/MRT station.


City Name Nearest MRT Number Of Stores Store Type(s)
Omerah  B3  1 CartMart
True City  R9  1 CartMart
Autotown  O5  1 Xpress
Bluemont  R8  -  G13  1 CartMart
Minehattan  Y13  1 Xtra
Autocity  B1  1 Xpress
Edenmorr  B8  1 Xpress
Redlin  Y22  1 CartMart
Robin's Hill Olympic Village  G10  1 QuickieMart
Kitania  Y  1 Xpress
Hamanei - 1 CartMart JP
Chesterfield  G9  1 QuickieMart
Green Cloud - 1 Xpress
Eastern Heliport  R3  1 Quickie Mart
Desertice - 1 Quickie Quartz
Final City - 1 CartMart
Freshney  A16  1 Gamma
Verdantium  EN33  1 Epsilon

Special Locations

(Template: *Location - Type of Store - Additional Info)

  • Omerah - CartMart - "Zeroth" store! (Post-Test Site)
  • True City - CartMart - First actual store
  • Autotown - Xpress - First Xpress Store!
  • Minehattan - Xtra (Basement under construction) - In partnership with enjineer30302 - First Xtra store!
  • Robin's Hill - Quickie Mart - Located in Olympic Village - First Quickie Mart!
  • Hamanei - CartMart JP - First in the CMMLP, and first in Japanese!
  • Desertice - Quickie Quartz - Jun 28 - The first Quickie Quartz shop, bringing a new style! It is, and forever will be, different to all other QuickieMarts, and will be unique to the world.
  • Final City - CartMart - Oct 1 - The last CartMart in the old world! Forever! But...
  • Freshney - Gamma - Oct 6 - ...A new lease of life! CartMart will be on the new world, but only as a limited edition.
  • Verdantium Central RaiLinQ/MRT station - Epsilon - The only CartMart to be found in the Epsilon Expansion, and one of only 2 in the new world! Also, is probably the only CartMart built into an MRT station! (kind of)


CartMart comes in a few sizes and models. (Those British, it was organised in a way similar to how Tesco is, but then it grew. A lot.)

  • CartMart - The standard, mid-range design to fit 15x20 and over spaces
  • CartMart Metro - If you have a metro station, why not fit a CartMart Metro into it! It can be beside the path or be the path! Fun Fact! The original development of this type of CartMart, still exists in the bowels of Omerah, and used no quartz!
  • CartMart Xpress - Our smaller size, more like a corner shop.
  • CartMart Xtra - The largest of them all, for 30x30+ spaces, 20x30 + 2 floors or 20x30 + 10x20 car park!
  • QuickieMart - A combination of MRT Quickie Snack and a CartMart Xpress.
    • Quickie Quartz - A quartzified variant of a QuickieMart. That is all.
  • CartMart Multi-Lingual Project (CMMLP) - Specially localised versions adapted to other languages
    • CartMart JP - In Japanese.
  • CartMart Gamma - Pretty much the same as the old world "CartMart", this is the limited edition name for the location in the original space of the new world!
    • CartMart Epsilon - Again, a special name for the only location in the later Epsilon Expansion of the new world.