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This is a chart of all the airports and airfields recorded on the server. This list includes airports that are expressed as planned by eligible cities (Senator for airfields and Governor for airports). For the spreadsheet version, click here.

Airport Name Code World Owner
Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport ATC New _Kastle
Airchester Airfield ACA New CortesiRaccoon
Akane - Ishuzu International Airport (Hamanei) HMN Old _Smae
Alturas InterRegional Airport AIR Old _Kastle
Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre BIO Old autobus22
Andromeda International Airport AIA Old CortesiRaccoon
Anthony Fokker Regional Airport (Utopia) AFK New Narnia17
Atlanta-Hillville Metropolitan Airport AHX Old Caelus
Autocity Antonio Airport AAA Old autobus22
Autotown Airfield AAF Old autobus22
Bakersville Fairfield Airfield BFA New FredTheTimeLord
Bloomington-Robin's Hill International Airport BRH Old Just_robinho, mikefishr
Brooklyn Regional Airport BRK Old BernCow
Chack City Airfield CCF Old KittyCat11231
Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield CFA New Soso123
Charles de Gaulle International Airport (Saint Roux) SRX New bestmate66
Chokster City Borderline Airport CBA Old autobus22
Creeperville International Airport HND New Frosty_Creeper10
Crystal City Municipal Airport CCX Old Skelezomperman
Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport CYR Old KittyCat11231, mine_man_
Dabecco Regional Airport DBC New Sirots
DesertView International Airport New lfpp003
Elecna Bay International Airport EBI New mine_man_
Epsilon International Airport EIA New CortesiRaccoon
Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport (Llamapolis) LMN Old KittyCat11231
Espil Ecilidae Airport EEA New _InDev_
Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport AFX Old _frozen, kiwirainbow
Falloway Airport FWY New thomasfyfe
Fort Yaxier Airfield FYA New camelfantasy
Fort Yaxier International Airport FYI New camelfantasy
Franklin D. Roosevelt Airfield (Spruce Neck) FDR New Derpy_Melon
Frederick E. Margaret Airfield (Hillside-Pagoda) FMA Old KittyCat11231
Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield FQR New SoSo123
Grayzen National Airport GZA New cardinalland
Harry S Truman International Airport (Laclede) LHT New jphgolf4321
Horizon National Airport (Konawa, Lanark) HZN New Earack, Soleurs
Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport HIR New MinecraftYoshi26
Ice Springs Regional Airport ICE Old j_universe0
Ilirea Midcity Airport IXM New mikefishr
Ilirea Sardy Field ISF New mikefishr
Kantō Airfield KTA New camelfantasy
Kenthurst Aerodrome KNT New Aliksong
Kitania East Murkland Airstrip KTB Old KittyCat11231
Kitania Municipal Airport KMA Old KittyCat11231
Kolpino City Airport KPC New MishkaMan
Laclede Municipal Airport LCM New jphgolf4321
Leydon International Airport (BirchView) BVL New creeperface_
Marblelake Heathrow International Airport MLH New Just_robinho
Mason City International MCI New kiwirainbow
MineCity Regional Airport MCA Old CortesiRaccoon
Miningstone Regional Airport MRA Old unjinz
MRT International Airport MRI Old MinecraftYoshi26
MRT Regional Airport MRR Old _Kastle
Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport NIL New KittyCat11231
North Haven Riverside Airfield NHR New hnt
Norwest Airfield NWT New ModernArt
Ocean Suburb International Airport OSI Old Technological99
Omerah International Airport OIA Old bensismith
Omerah Isles Civil Airport OIC Old bensismith
Paixton Regional Airport PAX New CaptLincoln, EliteNeon, mjpwwf
Pine Mountain Airfield PMA New BuildPilot
Radiance Square International Airport RSQ New MindBender15
Ravenna Mountainside International Airport RAV New jphgolf4321
Riverside International Airport RIV Old nopro_
Rockaway City Municipal Airport RCK Old enjineer30302
San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport SRI New Camelicano
Scotstounhill Airfield TOU Old autobus22
Segville International SEG New godzilltrain
Siletz-Umatilla Regional Airfield SUA New MeetMeInSpace
Splurgeville Municipal Airport SVM Old jphgolf4321
Spring Valley Regional Airfield SVA New Architect_21
Stanley Island Regional Airport SIR Old autobus22
Titsensaki Regional Airport TSN New frogggggg
Thunderbird International Airport TBI New decorminecraft
Treplöw International Airport TIA Old autobus22
True City Metropolitan TCI Old Gopher
Union of Central Western Territories International Airport CWI New camelfantasy
Unnamed Airport (Closest: Riverside) Old nopro_ (?)
Vegeta City Airfield VCA New mine_man_
Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport VFW New time2makemymove
Vermilion Gateway Airport VER New chiefbozx
Washingcube Airfield WCB New nktrain
Waterville Municipal Airfield WMA New PtldKnight
Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport WZA New autobus22
Werk-En-Rust Airfield (Astoria) WER New MIKE24DUDE
Western Ocean International Airport WOI Old Caelus, KittyCat11231
Whitechapel Sky Harbor WHT New _frozen
Whiteley Aerodrome SWH New AP_Red
Woodsdale Municipal Airport CWB New Hightech_TR
Wythern Airfield WYA New Baseball02
Xilia-Saint-Exupéry Airfield XSE New Yellowitcher
Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport ZAQ New KittyCat11231
Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport ZIC Old KittyCat11231

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