Central Park

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The area near the spawn point in Central Park as of January 2023
Portals under the pergola

Central Park is a park located at the center of the New World in Central City and serves as the MRT Server's current spawn location. Central Park houses portals to the Old World, Lab World, Games World, Map World, and Space World. The current version of the park was designed by McYoshi26, SimonScholar, and 0x10.

Only MRT Staff and McYoshi26, the current individual who maintains the park, are permitted to build in the park.


Various iterations of Central Park have been built by chiefbozx and angelzer0, among others. Central Park has had numerous iterations, including versions being made for various seasons.

The iteration of the park that existed for the longest time was built by _Kastle, McYoshi26, and lalaboy.

On December 24, 2022, when it hit Christmas in UTC, a new version of the park was revealed, with the main constructors being McYoshi26, SimonScholar, and 0x10. The new version was planned to be put into place on January 1, 2023, but it was postponed to the January GSM because it didn't receive community feedback in advance.

In January 2023 GSM, the new Central Park was approved and, on January 20, 2023, the new Central Park was pasted in by SimonScholar. New additions to the park included a random airport teleport button, which would teleport players to Governor and above airports. The Space World, which was only was also accessible by flying up into an invisible portal above the park, had its own portal in the park and the invisible portal was removed.

MRT Welcome Centre

The current iteration of MRT Welcome Center as of January 2023

The MRT Welcome Centre or MRT Welcome Center is a building in Central Park that houses essential information for MRT, summaries of ranks, list of staff and the winning screenshot in the last MRTvision Screenshot Contest.

The current iteration of the MRT Welcome Center was built by _Kastle.

The previous iterations was built by lalaboy and _Kastle. The Welcome Centre built by lalaboy formerly housed the warps to Premier cities, New World MRT termini, and various places of interest. In the new Central Park, these warps were moved outside, being placed behind where the player spawns.


The park houses an underground MRT interchange of the Zephyr and Expo Line that connects, further down the line, to the four terminals of Central City.

The park is served by the CentralTram Circular Line and the Central Park Railroad. The Central Park Corridor serves as an underpass to Admod Square and provides underground access to the CentralLink A Line.