Chack City

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Chack City
Town officials
Mayor Robang592
Deputy Mayor Kottlewing,snaf014
Roadways  I-4   MRT-66 
Other transit Chack City Subway,  M4 , KTA Commuter Rail
Facts and figures
Population 3
Founded 1 Feb 2013

Chack City is a desert town that is located to the north of Chuno. It is bordered by the I-1 and I-4, and an extreme hills biome. It contains multiple buildings and a few skyscrapers.The current mayor of the town is Robang592 and the deputy mayors are Kottlewing and snaf014. It is also served by two airports: the Andromeda International Airport and the Chack City Airfield.

Buildings and Attractions

There are currently 44 buildings in Chack City. To build here, you must ask Robang592. Here is a list of all the buildings in Chack City, including some attractions.


  • CC Docks (old)
  • CC Docks (new)
  • Town Hall
  • Robang's House
  • Lukeday's House
  • Cortesi's House
  • Hawker Center
  • Pointless Building of Pointless-ness (PBoPN)
  • TheSpoon @ Chack City
  • <name> Restaurant
  • Chack City Gallery
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Cake Cake Bakery
  • CC Primary School
  • Brewing Hut
  • Flower Shop
  • Pyramid
  • Pigtrol Station
  • Toco Apartments
  • Chack City Subway Headquarters
  • Chack City Observatory and Space Research Centre
  • Tower Tower
  • Jungle Residences
  • Waterfront Houses
  • Waterfront Lounge
  • Chack Hill Heights
  • Cocoa Pyramid
  • Convienient Convenience Store (CCS)
  • Dover Apartments
  • Chack City Bus Station Canteen
  • "A Chicken" - by Robang592
  • Things by the bay
  • Chack City Downtown Square
  • Dover Tower
  • The Embassy of the City of Kitania
  • Minechack Apartments


  • Chack City Neighborhood Park
  • Chack City National Park
  • Chack City Beach
  • Greenhouse (also counted as a building)
  • Flower Dome (also counted as a building)
  • Cactus Farm
  • Southern Hills (not in CC territory)
  • Pelican Playground
  • Flag Plaza


  • Bacon Apartments
  • IKEA Tower
  • Chack City Block 1
  • Pi (π) Tower
  • Chack City Eco Tower
  • Chack City One (not to be confused with CC Block 1)


  • Observation Deck
  • Plaza
  • Uptown Plaza


None at the moment


Chack City is separated into 7 estates: The Residential, Western, Central, Downtown, Uptown, Waterfront and Jungle Estates.

Residential Estate

Located where the Town Hall is. Consists of 3 houses, the Bacon Apartments and a Hawker Centre. It is a relatively small estate and was the first portion of Chack City to be built.

Western Estate

Located to the west of Chack City, the western estate is a somewhat new estate that only consist of two buildings. Further development is coming soon.

Central Estate

The central estate is made out of the Dover Estate, CCNP, Transit Centre and a few other things. Development has started in the Dover Area.


Located next to the I-4, the Downtown Estate consists of many skyscrapers, such as the Ikea. More buildings and roads are being built in the future.


The uptown estate is a bigger version of the western estate. It is quite small and consists of a few buildings and the greenhouse. Again, more things will be built in future.

Waterfront Estate

This estate is a somewhat small one, since it is bordered by the jungle and I-4. It consists of the New Docks, Beach and waterfront housing.

Jungle Estate

This estate is the largest one in Chack City. So far, the jungle estate only has 3 buildings in it due to the fact that it is in a Jungle and it needs to comply with the rule that you need to respect the environment.


Chack City has its very own subway with 30 stations. For more, please go to Chack City Subway.

Also, Palelmo Transit have plans to build a monorail system in Chack City.