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Town officials
Mayor Camelfantasy
Founder soso123
Town Councillors None at the moment
MRT  ZN33 - L1  Chalxior Thondes
 ZN34 - L2  Chalxior Dressell
Bus none. at. the. moment.
Water WMB, Chalxior Boatways
Airport(s) Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield
Rail nope
Other transit Nope
Facts and figures
Population None at the moment
Town hall coordinates 1460 64 -15638
Founded 18th April 2017
Recognized as town 10th June 2017
Town rank [Senator]
World Epsilon
City Phone Code None at the moment

Chalxior is a city located by the sea and is known of it's very modern building designs and it's resort like feels. It has a very big size, which makes it comparable to Fort Yaxier. Founded by Soso123, the city was basically showcasing how much the mayor's building skills has improved. Spanning from South Bay to Nex Cheti, the city goes across the whole of East Norlands. The city is connected to the rest of the MRT by the MRT Zephyr Line North and the MRT Lakeshore Line, Chalxior Waterport and RaiLinQ, with planned services from Four Seasons Railways as well. The city is currently trying to achieve the rank of [Governor].


  • 1: Town Hall
  • 2: Chalxior Waterport
  • 3: Townhouse 1
  • 4: Townhouse 2
  • 5: Farrell Resort Office
  • 6: Farrell Resort House 1
  • 7: Farrell Resort House 2
  • 8: Farrell Resort House 3
  • 9: Farrell Resort House 4
  • 10: Town Offices
  • 11: Office Tower 1
  • 12: Southern Bay Station
  • 13: South Bay Library
  • 14: AlikSong's house
  • 15: Beachside Snacks n Wash
  • 16: _crepper_'s house
  • 17: Heaven's house
  • 18: Mossie's house
  • 19: House 1
  • 20: Southern Bay Metro Station
  • 21: Striphead Metro Station
  • 22: The Lonely Isle (Narnia's house)
  • 23: another house
  • 24: Apartment Tower 1
  • 25: Chalxior Convention Center
  • 26: Crystal Square Green Building
  • 27: Crystal Square Yellow Building
  • 28: Crystal Square Orange Building
  • 29: Crystal Square Blue Building
  • 30: Apartment Tower 2
  • 31: Apartment Tower 3
  • 32: Papa's Sushiria
  • 33: EspiDev's House
  • 34: United Cities Chalxior Office
  • 35: Sycorax Grand Supermarket
  • 36: Earack's Automated Grocery Store
  • 37: A house
  • 38: Nano One Apartments
  • 39: HarbourView Apartments
  • 40: One Blue Apartments and One Cyan Apartments
  • 41: Chalxior Grand Library
  • 42: Government Towers (WIP)
  • 43: Unnamed mall (WIP)
  • 44: Chalxior Police Station
  • 45: Fultibower Garden
  • 46: Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield
  • 47: SoMotors
  • 48: Chalxior Department Of Culture & Events
  • 49: Office Tower
  • 50: Chalxior Crystal Power Station (WIP)
  • 51: Chalxior Queten Hall
  • 52: Chalxior Parys Central
  • 53: Chalxior Resalite Stadium (WIP)
  • 54: South Governess SeraliteLink Station (WIP)
  • 55: Richland Hotels
  • 56: BearLodge Chalxior South Bay (WIP)



Back in around 200AD, people found the area that Chalxior is in and called it Chalx. It was peaceful.

But around 700AD, Chalxions found that someone not from Chalx set foot in Chalx. They quickly built a small fort. As that's from a long time ago, it's buried under dirt. Chalxions are still attempting to find it.

At 732AD, a weird boat that looked like a pirate ship came from the ocean west of Chalx and attacked Chalxions. The small fort did everything to stop them, but sadly those unknown people destroyed Chalx. The survivors had to live in underground houses.

Around 2050AD, an incident happened. Astronauts at the space world carelessly activated a force machine that creates a weird beat. The bass dropped so hard that all the MRT players were teleported to the space world and fell down to the games world, and someone even crashed into the new world! Unfortunately, some players crashed into the secret time tunnel to teleport them to a 4D simulation environment with the time set as 2017, which everything done during the person is in the simulation will only become real when the actual time (frozen at the time) matches the simulation. No one will become older or whatever at the time. A player called soso123 crashed into the land of Chalxior and decided to redevelop it.

Currently, Chalx scientists have found the secrets of the time tunnel and the 4D simulation environments. The 4D simulation environment is now used for building, and the time tunnel for historical aspect.



  • AP_Red
  • AlikSong
  • Mossie_1810
  • _HeavenAngel_
  • Narnia17
  • _crepper_
  • nicbrats
  • xXGamingKings_
  • Osbuso


  • [Councillor] by Narnia17 and godzilltrain failed endorsements 1 day before by AlikSong, godzilltrain, Narnia17 and _Kastle on 10th June 2017
  • [Mayor] by lalaboy and Narnia17 successfully, failing 1 endorsement 10 minutes ago by Narnia17 on 24th June 2017
  • [Senator] by staff, with a margin of 8-0, successfully achieved senator on 1st October 2017.


As this city is a futuristic city, it is fairly different from modern towns. Most roofs of apartment buildings has lasers that transport crystal energy to the apartments. In the interiors, you normally see glowing crystal energy powered fridges and machines. A future skytrain system supported by laser pillars will be constructed to connect Chalxior together.


South Bay

It is the smallest district in Chalxior and only features small builds.


  • Town Hall
  • Government Offices
  • Office Tower 1
  • Office Tower 2
  • AlikSong's House
  • Resort Houses
  • Chalxior Waterport
  • Another house
  • crepper's house
  • SoaPuffball's franchise



It is a residential districts with unique apartment buildings and houses. Featuring Narnia's Lonely House because "It's my personality" - Narnia17


  • Apartment Tower 1
  • Heaven's house
  • Unoccupied house
  • Mossie's house
  • Apartment Tower 2
  • Apartment Tower 3
  • One Cyan Apartments
  • One Blue Apartments
  • HarbourView Apartments
  • Nano One Apartments
  • A house
  • Another house
  • EspiDev's House
  • Park
  • Playground
  • The Lonely Isle (Narnia's home sweet home)

250px 250px 250px


It is mainly a shopping or tourism district. It has quite a lot of builds.


  • Chalxior Convention Centre
  • Crystal Square
  • Crystal Square Blue Building
  • Crystal Square Orange Building
  • Crystal Square Purple Building
  • Crystal Square Green Building/Chalxior Station to Pistonville
  • Italiaso
  • NextBurger v1
  • Lipton Ice Tea 1
  • Lipton Ice Tea 2
  • boldSephora
  • Papa's Sushiria
  • Papa's Pastaria
  • Super Sushi
  • Arctic Bakery
  • Gregg Fyfe's Fish And Chips



It is the government district with attractions. Features large franchises and builds.


  • Sycorax Grand Supermarket
  • Government Towers (WIP)
  • Earack's Automatic Grocery Store
  • United Cities Chalxior Offices
  • Chalxior Grand Library
  • Chalxior Police Station (Biggest in the MRT!)
  • Chalxior Department of Culture & Events
  • Chalxior City Banquet Hall
  • SoMotors
  • Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield

250px 250px

Nex Cheti

It is "New city" in Chalxior. This district features more futuristic builds.


  • Fultibower Garden
  • Chalxior Diamandis Spleef Arena

250px 250px

Chalxior Waterport

The waterport currently has the following services:

  • WMB to (I forgot)
  • Chalxior Boatways to MRT Marina
  • Chalxior Boatways to Stoneedge


We currently have a few attractions in the city.

Chalxior Convention Centre

The convention centre features many exhibits such as: Fountain Of Gold, AFKPool, Heart Apple and much more.

Shopping Area

The area has a lot of shops and is right next to the convention centre.

South Beach

We have a beach right next to the waterport. It had everything you need in a beach and you can stay there as long as you can!

Chalxior Grand Library

It is a lovely detailed library with a ton of books, and has a garden outside the library. Wouldn't it be nice when you just read a book and take a walk outside?

Fultibower Garden

It is a large garden renovated from ancient Chalx. It now has some lovely statues, views and plants! You can have a picnic here as well!




English is the most spoken language in Chalxior, with Chalxion being the 2nd. For more information about Chalxion Language, click here: Chalxion Language