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Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield

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Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield
IATA: CFA – ICAO: none
Owner Camelfantasy
Operator Chalxior Transit Authority
Serves Chalxior
Location Chalxior
Hub for FreeAir
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18, 36 100 Black concrete

Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield is the airfield of Chalxior. The design is copied from camelfantasy which he gave perms for doing so.

Gate Assignments

Gate Airline Owner Destination Status
A1 FreeAir Soso123 Marblelake Heathrow International Airport BOARDING
A2 FreeAir Soso123 Kanto Airfield BOARDING
A3 FreeAir Soso123 Venceslo Fifth-Ward International Airport and EBI BOARDING
A4 FreeAir Soso123 Creeperville International Airport BOARDING
A5 SkyTrans camelfantasy FYI
A6 DAS MojangChan West Mesa International Airport BOARDING
A7 IntraAir KittyCat11231 Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport BOARDING
A8 South Weast Charter Narnia17 Utopia BOARDING
A9 BluAir hvt2011 Waterville Municipal Airfield, Tranquil Forest Airfield BOARDING
A10 Waypoint Cortesi Epsilon International Airport BOARDING
H1 FreeAir Soso123 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport
H2 FreeAir Soso123
H3 FreeAir Soso123
H4 Heampstead Charter MikeRoma Heampstead Heliport BOARDING
H5 National Airlines Frogs4Life/ModernArt Central City Heliport, Titsensaki Regional Airport NOT IN SERVICE
H6 Infamous Airlines Infamous Airlines Staff Bakersville Fairfield Airfield ON TIME

Gate Applications

Airline Airline Owner Destinations Plane/Heli
ExampleAir TheGrandHighTacoOfAllTheWorld Tacodale Awesome Airtaco Hot Air Balloon
GAir Mercury203 Venceclo or Waterville
Segville Air godzilltrain Segville International Plane
FlyArctic Ptld Waterville Municiple or Ilirea Mid-City
South Weast Charter Narnia17 Utopia - Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
BluAir hvt2011 Waterville Plane
IntraAir KittyCat11231 Zaquar
Eastern Airways CortesiRaccoon Epsilon International, Elecna Bay International or Cyra Municipal (2 gates preferred)1 Cyra-Plane, Others-Either
Heampstead Charter MikeRoma Heampstead Heliport (HMH) Heli
Cammy Air ConnConn Future Oasis Sands Airport Plane
GAir Mercury203 Venceslo University Airfield Plane
SkyRaven TalonPlays Freedon Silverwood International Airport Plane
Caelus Airlines JohnNotTech Saint Roux Either
Caelus Airlines JohnNotTech Horizon National Airport Plane