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Channel 6
Ch6 logo.png
City of License Shenghua
Branding 第六台 (Used in graphics)
Channel 6 (used in voiceovers and text)
Slogan Your community. Your voices. Your public TV station.
Channels Digital: 6 (VHF)/Virtual: 6
Subchannels 6.1 Main NSIX/Channel 6 programming
Owner Shenghua Radio and Television Corporation
Meaning of callsign Channel Six
Location of Transmitter TBD
Transmitter Power 30 kW
Transmitter height TBD

Channel 6 (NSIX) (Chinese: 第六台) is the dominant English language television station in the city of Riverbend. It is the sister station to Chinese language station Channel 9 (NSUA).

If you would like to advertise, contact mi_aquamarine on Discord on or before a broadcast's advertising deadline.

Advertising rates


Advertising terms and conditions

  • By advertising, you choose to grant Channel 6 and affiliated companies unlimited and indefinite use of content.
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content and profanity is not allowed in advertisements.
  • Channel 6 has the ultimate decision on the broadcast of an advertisement.


Future Shows

Cities of the MRT / 世界城市

A fortnightly educational series that showcases various cities of the MRT.

6 News Report / 第六新闻联播

A monthly news program after the General Staff Meeting. The principal news program of the station.

Airport Adventures / 机场探险

A series exploring the various airports of the server.

Unnamed Dog Show / 没有名字狗狗节目

A show about unnamed dogs that's unnamed.

My Teen Animated Story That Actually Happened / 我的真正青少动画故事

My teen animated story that actually happened is a digital platform that gives people the chance to have their personal stories turned into animations and shared around the world, with only the most relatable and truthful stories with the best production quality.

Program Updates

First episode of Cities of the MRT to be released this week

The first episode of Cities of the MRT will be released in the week of January 12-January 18, as the process of editing and advertising continues. A specific release date will be disclosed at a further time, and from then on will continue as a fortnightly series.

Free advertising on first broadcast

On the first broadcast of the station, all advertising will be free.

6 News


Welcome Channel 6 to the MRT!

January 12, 2020
January 11, 2020 was the birth of a new TV station. Our mission will to be to provide trustworthy programming that is educational, factual, and entertaining. We are delighted to be introduced to the world of MRT media and we are looking forward to what the future will bring to is.

Riverbend leadership puzzled on whether to join the Republic of Epsilon

January 12, 2020
Riverbend leadership is currently deciding whether to join the Republic of Epsilon, which is the second largest state on the MRT, behind the People's Republic of Montego. It was initially considered due to the parliament system and the mayor wanting to try something new, but after feedback the government is stuck in the middle of joining Epsilon, joining a different state, or being 100% independent. A warning sent via Discord from former Epsilon member Echohue said, "I'd recommend you not join Modern's dictatorship," along with warning about potential Discord censorship and warning that there is chaos. However, there are several Montego members that have dual membership between PRM and ROE, although the mayor decided against this to avoid complications between policies of both states.

Last day of Epsilon

February 17, 2020 Today marks the end of regular operations of the Epsilon server computer, as the MRT Server prepares to upgrade to the new Zeta computer. Epsilon will shut down for backups at 12 am Eastern. Epsilon will temporarily reopen on February 23 at 2 pm Eastern for the "purge" period where protections will be disabled. Players will be free to cause chaos, but changes will not be saved. Zeta will launch on February 29th, with an additional 2.7 times more land, an update to Minecraft 1.15.2, along with the reintroduction of Ucars.

Online services back online

February 18, 2020 As of 5:24 pm Eastern, wiki, Mumble, and OpenTTD is back online. Continue to follow Channel 6 for more updates.

NewRail service expanding

February 20, 2020 Warp rail company NewRail, owned by ModernArt has been infamous for its inactivity, leading to the point where the Deadbush government seized operations of the POST & Deadbush commuter rail service, formerly operated by NewRail as NewCommuter Deadbush, along with the government banning NewRail from the city. However, service has started to expand once again. Many planned and newly opened lines are now being constructed or operated in several cities around the server, mainly centered in Pasadena, Norwest, and several services are planned to go to Skogheim. There are several new services being created centered around Foresne, operated by regional subsidiary NewRail FLR.

Formosa Transit Authority translation error noticed

March 3, 2020 A translation error has been discovered on the Formosa Transit Authority's wiki page. The names of all FTA stations are translated into Chinese, and sometimes French and Italian. According to the FTA wiki page, these translations are intended to aid foreign passengers in Formosa. However, a Chinese translation error has been noticed by mi_aquamarine. The Chinese name for the Union of Central Western Territories International Airport, 中西部地区的国际机场联盟, was noted by mi_aquamarine to translate as "Central Western Region's International Airport Union." Channel 6 will ask camelfantasy for explanation.