CherryTech Technologies

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CherryTech Technologies
President Sirots
Vice President EliteNeon
Regional Manager Farkie
VP of Communications Jamess2912
VP of Locations SilverBubble
Corporate Headquarters Dabecco  F10 , 5 3rd Street
Southern Regional Office
Location Redwood  ZS44 
Regional Manager Farkie
Administrators Sirots, EliteNeon
Stores to Date 71
Store Types Small Standalone, Large Standalone, Custom

CherryTech Technologies is a technology company on the MRT Server lead by Sirots. It sells a wide variety of devices, including smart watches, tablets, and computers. The store sells franchises to customers at reasonable prices, and the franchisees are responsible for managing their stores.

The company, initially under the name of New Age Technology, merged with BLACKCherry in September 2016 to form CherryTech. There are currently over 70 locations throughout the MRT server.

CherryTech is headquartered in Dabecco with a southern regional office located in Redwood.

What We Sell

Product Lineups

We like to spice things up a little, so we added a few more things to your average technology store. Check out our product lineup:

Note: While some products below are available only in large stores, customers do have the ability to order these products for their small stores for an additional $10 per product.


These are CherryTech's original products that can still be found in stores today!

  • NewComp® Computers - Get your stuff done with our top-notch computers, available in three versions:
    • Gold - High-Speed Computer, perfect for videos, anything you want to get done in a jiffy!
    • Regular - Just our regular computer, for everyday use! Still a great thing to have.
    • Mini - "Oh so tiny" - We took things down a notch...sizewise! Our Mini® computer is so small that you can carry it virtually anywhere!
  • NewTab® Tablets (Available only in large stores) - All the power of our NewComp® Lineup in the size of a tablet. Available in two versions:
    • Regular - Our NewTab® helps you work efficiently without lugging a big, bulky computer around with you everywhere you go!
    • Type® - "Start Typing, Kid!" - Are your Minecraft fingers too big for your NewTab? We've got the solution - the NewTab Type! All the power of the NewTab, but with a newer, faster controller and an external keyboard to get things done faster!
  • NATC Anvils - We all know that anvils play an important role in our Minecraft lives. We use it to rename things, personalize ourselves, and so much more. Get our anvils and work even better!
    • Regular - The everyday anvil - rename and recreate your lifestyle.
    • ProAnvil® - We've upped our anvils a bit - looks a little nicer and gets the job done more efficiently!


Tectronics is a division of CherryTech. We're excited to have their products in our stores!

  • StarphonePlus - Get everything you need out of a phone with our sleek and compact StarphonePlus!
  • Starwatch MK II - We're watching you! Nah, we're not doing that, but you can watch the time and more with our stylish Starwatch!
  • Starpad (Available only in large stores) - Boasting a large touchscreen and a light weight, the Starpad is ideal for almost any situation!

Ordering a Store

Available Store Types

You can see our Small and Large Standalone stores at our demonstration area. Just place down a warp sign for NATCLab.

  • Small Standalone - World-edited, 10x10 -  $15 
  • Large Standalone - World-edited, 20x10 -  $30 
  • Custom - Custom-built store, minimum size: 10x10 (some exceptions can be made) -  Pricing Varies  (Note: Stores considered to be large customs will receive the NewTab® Tablet Series displays as well as the Tectronics Starpad in their stores.)
    • Custom Pricing Information: All custom stores, large or small, are charged the store size + $10, so:
      • Small Custom -  $25 
      • Large Custom -  $40 

NOTE: If you order a small store (standalone or custom), you can purchase the NewTab and Starpad displays for your store for an additional  $10  each.

Ordering Process

You can either order a store by asking Sirots when you see him on the server, or you can order online and skip the wait at


Take a look at our current list of locations. Want your very own store? See the section above for details!

# City/Town Name MRT Station(s) Store Type
1 Loudoun  F11  Large Custom
2 Iconia  C62  Large Custom
3 Matheson  I10  Large Custom
4 Rochshire  P3  Large Custom (with Mercury203's Pancake Place)
5 Central City  X0 - Z0  Small Custom (with Tectronics Starpad)
6 Kenthurst  XW10  Large Custom
7 Dabecco  F9   F10  Small Standalone
8 Espil  C80   C81  Large Custom
9 Heights City  ZN14  Large Custom
10 Freedon  F21  Small Custom
11 Heampstead  M42  Large Custom
12 Dabecco  F9  Large Standalone
13 LiME  ZN17  Large Custom
14 Achowalogen Takachsin  XE11  Large Custom
15 Achowalogen Takachsin  XE11  Large Custom
16 Achowalogen Takachsin  XE11  Large Custom
17 Solarion  XE18 - C16  Large Custom
18 Benion  C3  Small Custom
19 Espil  C80  Small Standalone
20 Quiris  ZN15  Small Standalone
21 Izumo  C34  Large Standalone
22 Freshney  A16  Small Standalone
23 Washingcube  A15  Large Standalone
24 Seaview SW of  C88  Large Standalone
25 Pine Mountain  NW5  Small Standalone (Exterior Customized)
26 Gato  M13  Small Standalone
27 Digipool  XE6  Large Standalone
28 Spruce Hills  NW9  Small Custom
29 Danielston  D7  Small Custom (with CherryTech NewTab Displays)
30 Danielston  D7  Small Custom (with CherryTech NewTab Displays)
31 Norwest No MRT Small Custom
32 Victoria No MRT Large Custom
33 Phoenix Valley W of  ZS22  Large Custom
34 Christi  T10  Small Custom
35 Sprucemount No MRT Small Custom
36 Creeperville  NE8  Small Custom
37 Bronte No MRT Large Custom
38 Chillington  NW24  Large Standalone
39 Lowami No MRT Large Standalone
40 Laja'ah No MRT Small Custom
41 Titsensaki  NE18  Small Custom
42 Pearl Coast No MRT Large Custom
43 Oasis Sands No MRT Large Standalone
44 Alexandria Bay No MRT Small Standalone (with CherryTech NewTab Displays)
45 Waterville  A21   A22   A23  Large Standalone
46 Richville No MRT Large Custom
47 Plainsley No MRT Large Standalone
48 Cattington  T44  Small Standalone
49 Eagleshore No MRT Small Standalone
50 Shadowpoint  C6  Large Custom
51 New Woodbury  C100 - T33  Small Standalone
52 Mountain View  EN11  Small Standalone
53 Mountain View  EN11  Small Standalone
54 Woodsdale  ZN10  Large Standalone
55 Espil  C81  Large Custom
56 Espil  C81  Small Custom
57 Dabecco  F9  Large Standalone
58 Dabecco  F10  Large Custom
59 Central City  X0 - Z0  Small Custom
60 New Acreadium  ZN30  Large Custom
61 New Acreadium  ZN30  Large Standalone
62 Carnoustie No MRT Large Standalone
63 Wooridge W of  SE23  Large Standalone
64 Richville No MRT Large Standalone
65 Skogheim No MRT Small Custom
66 Legitevon  ZS14  Large Standalone
67 Antioch  ZN28  Large Standalone
68 Murrville-Arcadia International  SE17   SE18  Small Custom
69 Redwood  ZS44  Large Custom - Southern Regional Office
70 Seoland No MRT Large Standalone
71 Seoland No MRT Small Standalone