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Alert.png 18/3/2018
Chocoluv logo.png
CEO Jamess2912
Former Staff sesese9
Number of Stores 46
Headquarters Easest Vermilion Seaview
1st Store Easest SE
5th Store Birdhall
10th Store North Haven
20th Store Utopia


Old Generation Stores
Location Type MRT Station
Easest SE Normal  F26  Easest
Civitas De Posterus Normal  XW29  (I think)
Thunderbird Large  F17  Thunderbird
Birchview Normal  C1 - ZN13  BirchView
Birdhall Normal  M27  Birdhall
Appleton Large  P8  Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
Mason City Mini Superstore  C12  Mason City
Laclede Normal  T13  Laclede
North Haven Normal  C14  North Haven
Sealane Normal  XW2 - D2 - M2 
Green Hills Normal  F18 
Kenthurst Normal  XW10  Kenthurst
Baylon City Normal  P11 
Fort Yaxier Mini Superstore  I27 
Cornus Normal  T8  Cornus
Elecna Bay Normal  I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District
Phos City Normal  C33 - F20  Freedon - Phos City District  F21  Freedon - Central District
Vekta Normal East of  C85  Xandar
Utopia Normal  D14  Utopia
Daneburg Normal  C78  Daneburg
Central NW Normal  T1 - PX - A1 - ZN1 
Airchester Large  C25  Airchester
Oakley Normal  F5 - I5  Oakley Euston
Merchant City Normal  XE8 - Marina Express  Foobar
Accerton Normal  C27 - EC8  Foobar
Mathsville Normal  I10  Foobar
Laclede Normal (Valentines Day Store)  T13  Laclede
Mineomania Normal Closest Station  G26  Ghasts Stadium. Travel North from there.
Merrian Normal  T14  North Laclede
Tektown Normal  M26 
Quartz Bay Normal  P15  Quartz Bay
Vermilion Normal  XW15  Vermilion
Liten Normal  ZN19  Liten
Armada Normal  A26 - C107  Armada
Siletz Normal  V13  Siletz
Spruce Neck Mall  A2 - ZN2 - T2 
New Generation Stores
Location Type MRT Station Unique Product
Sesby Normal  C24 - EC7  Foobar Strawberry White Chocolate
Lakeview Large  P27  Lakeview Lakeview Coffee Chocolate
Lakeview East Normal  P28  Lakeview Coffee Chocolate
Greenplains Normal  ZS3  LocalBar (sponsored by LocalCorp)
Sydney Normal  V25  ChiliBar WARNING! INTENSLY HOT!
Segville Normal  ZS7  Segville Central Extra-Dark Chocolate
Even Newer New Generation Stores
Location Type MRT Station Unique Product Construction Status
Nippia North Small  ZN21  Nippia North Nippia Cherry Popping Complete
Washingcube Small  A15  Washingcube Something Fudge?? Finished 25/06/2015
North Janghwa Medium  M??  ??? Starting July 2015 (need to talk to Han)
Royal Ferry Paddington Custom  F2 - ZS2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station ??? Almost finished as of 1/17/16
Airport Stores
Location MRT Station
Omerah City Airport (Concourse B) Closest station  B2  North Edge (travel info here)
Vermilion Gateway Airport  XW15  Vermilion- XW16  West Vermilion
Ilirea Midcity Airport  XW18  Ilirea - Cascadia Union Station
Regional HQs
Location MRT Station Area it serves
Choco Tower, Easest, Marblegate  F26 - EC12  Foobar Eastern Area
Dumbell Tower, Vermilion  XW15  Vermilion Western Area
SmartCorp Tower, Seaview Far West Area