Cirno Bay

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Cirno Bay
Flag of Cirno Bay.svg
Flag of Cirno Bay
Town officials
Mayor chimata
Metro/Subway Cirno Bay Metro
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates (-25415, -14968)
Founded 5/20/2021
Town rank [Unranked]
Official language(s) English, Chinese and Japanese
World New
Ward(s) 8

Cirno Bay (pronunciation: /tʃɪrˈnoʊ/ chirr-NOH, /tʃɪərˈnoʊ/ cheer-NOH) (Chinese: 琪露诺湾 Qílùnuò wān, Japanese: チルノ湾 Chiruno wan) is a town in Ward 8.


Cirno Bay was founded in May 20, 2021.

It first appeared on the Dynmap on May 22, 2021.

Wards and districts

Cirno Bay has 5 wards which are further split into many districts.

Chuuou Ward

Chuuou Ward (Chinese: 中央区 Zhōngyāng qū, Japanese: 中央区 Chūō-ku) is the downtown of Cirno Bay.

It is known for Cirno Bay Terminal, a bilevel railway terminal that connects directly into Chuuou Ward.

Kita Ward

Kita Ward (Chinese: 北区 Běi qū, Japanese: 北区 Kita-ku) is home to Kawashiro Industries and Kompaku Terminal.


Cirno Bay has a metro, called Cirno Bay Metro. It opened in June 1, 2021.

Cirno Bay is planned to have rail connections, with Cirno Bay Terminal opening in May 27, 2021.


If you look down on Chuuou Ward, you may sometimes see ice lakes below ground. This is a result of the mayor not being [Trustee] yet.