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Comet Cafe

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Comet Cafe
CEO and Owner SoaPuffball
Founder SoaPuffball
Date of Founding May 12, 2019
No. of Open Stores 67
Parent Company N/A
Milestone Stores
1st Location Gemstride
10th Location New Gensokyo
25th Location Deadbush
50th Location Chan Bay

Comet Cafe is a fast-growing café franchise by SoaPuffball that originated from Gemstride's culture and café industry. It is known for being a representation of Gemstride's culture around the world, serving tea and coffee around the world. Each shop is unique, but keeps the homely and friendly atmosphere created by the staff.

It was founded on May 2019 as a way for SoaPuffball to rest in between of building in Gemstride, and has grown into a franchise spanning over 58 unique cities and 67 locations as of January 4, 2020.


By early 2019, the then-town of Gemstride housed many cafes due to the rapid expansion happening in the town during then. Many of the town's cafes were humble huts usually located near landmarks, parks, or other places that were staffed by the local townsfolk. SoaPuffball decided to spread the craft of Gemstride's tea and coffee and started this franchise, and built the first in May 12, 2019. The first two cafes in Gemstride and Euphorial were built with a wooden style similar to builds in Gemstride and Tacurger Shack, however the one in Fluffy (Floofyflame's town) was built with concrete and glass, unlike the wooden style of the previous cafes.

As time progressed, he has managed to combine the two styles together to form a mix of concrete and wood and modern and classic, first appearing in Sylvania's shop, and then resurfacing by the start of 2020, where it is used in Espil's, Deadbush's, and West Calbar's shops.


Number Location Number Location Number Location
01 Gemstride ~ Aria's Edge 26 Cremona ~ Downtown 51 Tranquil Forest
02 Euphorial 27 Anadyr 52 Yuledan
03 Fluffy 28 Washingcube 53 Alexandria Bay
04 Central City ~ Fairfax Street Mall 29 Seoland 54 Desert Bay
05 Monte Isola 30 Aquamarine Bay 55 Villanueva
06 Hendon 31 Broxbourne 56 New Sansberg
07 Montagnas 32 San Vantino 57 GSM Town
08 Antioch 33 Lapis Bay 58 Faelie
09 Vekta 34 Quiris 59 Pasadena ~ Mt. Algon
10 New Gensokyo 35 Winterside 60 Lapis Bay ~ Seaview Resort
11 Heights City 36 Royal Ferry ~ North 61 Christmas Island 2019
12 Roke 37 Royal Ferry ~ Mountainside 62 Espil ~ Bayview
13 Sansberg 38 Espil ~ inTis East 63 Lone Spruce
14 Blagovka 39 Espil ~ Aldi-Lizi Mall 64 Deadbush Karaj Transport Center
15 Takasaki 40 Cremona ~ Capitol Square 65 Radiance Square
16 Scarborough 41 Sansmore 66 Cactus River
17 Larkspur ~ Lilyflower International 42 Sylvania 67
18 Hallarbor 43 Rank Resort Central 68
19 Skogheim 44 Shadowpoint 69
20 Gemstride ~ Savanna's Cliff Park 45 Tweebuffel 70
21 Orange City 46 Peripotamia 71
22 Arcadia 47 Schillerton 72
23 Pasadena 48 Murrville-Arcadia International 73
24 Creeperville ~ Expo 2019 49 Chan Bay ~ College Park 74
25 Deadbush 50 Chan Bay ~ Meme Highway 75


Gallery of selected Comet Cafe locations

Location Exterior Interior
Gemstride Aria's Peak CCafeGemstridePeak1.png CCafeGemstridePeak2.png
Euphorial CCafeEuphorial1.png CCafeEuphorial2.png
Fairfax Street Mall CCafeCentralCity1.png CCafeCentralCity2.png
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport CCafeLarkspurLilyflower1.png CCafeLarkspurLilyflower2.png
Creeperville Expo 2019 CCafeCreepervilleExpo1.png CCafeCreepervilleExpo2.png
Seoland CCafeSeoland1.png CCafeSeoland2.png
Sylvania CCafeSylvania1.png CCafeSylvania2.png
Chan Bay College Park CCafeChanBayPark1.png CCafeChanBayPark2.png
Espil Bayview CCafeEspilBayview1.png CCafeEspilBayview2.png
Deadbush Karaj Transport Center CCafeDeadbushKaraj1.png CCafeDeadbushKaraj2.png
West Calbar CCafeWestCalbar1.png CCafeWestCalbar2.png
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