Comet Cafe

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Comet Cafe
CEO and OwnerSoaPuffball
Date of FoundingMay 12, 2019
No. of Open Stores102
Parent CompanyN/A
Milestone Stores
1st LocationGemstride
10th LocationNew Gensokyo
25th LocationDeadbush
50th LocationChan Bay
75th LocationKazeshima
100th LocationTitsensaki
A Comet Cafe in Serena.

Comet Cafe is a café franchise by SoaPuffball that originated from Gemstride's culture and café industry. It is known for being a representation of Gemstride's culture around the world, serving tea and coffee around the world. Each shop is unique, but keeps the homely and friendly atmosphere shared by all of the locations.

It was founded on May 2019 as a way for SoaPuffball to rest in between of building in Gemstride, and has grown into a franchise spanning over 91 locations and 68 unique cities as of May 24, 2020.


By early 2019, the then-town of Gemstride housed many cafes due to the rapid expansion happening in the town during then. Many of the town's cafes were humble huts usually located near landmarks, parks, or other places that were staffed by the local townsfolk. SoaPuffball decided to spread the craft of Gemstride's tea and coffee and started this franchise, and built the first in May 12, 2019. The first two cafes in Gemstride and Euphorial were built with a wooden style similar to builds in Gemstride and Tacurger Shack, however the one in Fluffy (Floofyflame's town) was built with concrete and glass, unlike the wooden style of the previous cafes.

The franchise has grown to 50 locations on July 2, 2019 with the opening of the more esoteric Comet Cafe truck in Meme Highway, and to 75 locations on April 19, 2020 with the opening of the store in Kazeshima's mall. The franchise is currently experiencing a boom in popularity and success, and it is one of the franchises made post-Epsilon with the most franchises, along with Aroma Coffee, AstroSlurp, Purple Pidgeon, and Freshee Tea.


Older Comet Cafes vary with their style, with some being made out of wooden materials and others being made out of concrete and glass. However, these two styles have merged to form a more individual and recognizable mix of wood and concrete. The shops are usually primarily only lit up by end rods, however sea lanterns and glowstone are occasionally used.

The interiors of Comet Cafes are filled with chairs and tables for the customers. Spruce and iceflake pine pots also decorate the shops. Most standalone cafes are either open-air or have glass roofs to maximize the use of skylight in the shop. Larger locations give out local and international newspapers and other reading material and have a swap shop to further promote kindness and generosity.

While the original cafes in Gemstride are usually tiny, being 9-13 blocks long and 5 blocks wide, these cafes vary in size and usually can fit in tiny spaces, with one being built in a tiny 5*4 space as an extreme example. The cafes aim to fit the environment and the area around it, with ones in a more rural area being more wooden or open-air as an example.


SoaPuffball is usually very open to requests for a Comet Cafe! You can request one in this form or ask him in the server when he is online. All Comet Cafes are free, however tips are accepted. Requests made via form will be put above in-game requests in the queue. All locations are completely custom-built and will attempt to fit your town while keeping its own unique style.

When using the form to get a location, please mark out the plot, preferably adding a sign to show my build. For mall plots, please put on whether I can change the walls, floor, and roof of the plot.


# Location # Location # Location # Location
001 Gemstride Aria's Edge 051 Tranquil Forest 101 Langley Health Services 151 Nymphic Dawn
002 Euphorial 052 Yuledan 102 Nymphalia Stellia MRT 152 Southern New Southport
003 Fluffy 053 Alexandria Bay 103 Ottia Islands 153 Azalea Taiga
004 Fairfax St. Mall 054 Desert Bay 104 Thegame 154 Autunno Highlands District
005 Monte Isola 055 Villanueva 105 CC Election Board 2020 155 Auburn Academy Student Centre
006 Hendon 056 New Sansberg 106 Boberton 156 Miu Wan Luk Hom
007 Montagnas 057 GSM Town 107 Himiko 157 Itavanga
008 Antioch 058 Faelie 108 The Isle 158 Cirno Bay
009 Vekta 059 Pasadena Mt. Algon 109 Gillmont 159 Biwabik Westgate Regency Hotel
010 New Gensokyo 060 Lapis Bay Seaview Resort 110 Metamesa 160 Oaksfield
011 Heights City 061 Gift Park 2019 111 Miu Wan Grande Festivale 161 Pixl Enili
012 Roke 062 Espil Bayview 112 Redwood Downtown NewRail FLR 162 Hytown
013 Sansberg 063 Lone Spruce 113 Tinimia NewRail FLR 163 Burnt Oak
014 Blagovka 064 Deadbush Karaj Transport Center 114 Pearl Coast Shopping Mall 164 Caravaca
015 Takasaki 065 West Calbar 115 CentralLink Hardesty & Hoopsville 165 Beningbury
016 Scarborough 066 Radiance Square 116 Ottia Islands Dockyards 166 Redwood Victoria Rd.
017 Larkspur Lilyflower International 067 Cactus River 117 Las Fedoras 167 Westbeach West Territories
018 Hallarbor 068 Broxbourne Meridian Water 118 Alki Port 168 Aviation
019 Skogheim 069 Aurora 119 Gift Park 2020 169 Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield IntraRail
020 Gemstride Savanna's Cliff Park 070 Central City South 120 Lilygrove Midtown Heliport 170 Rockham
021 Orange City 071 New Southport 121 Yukon Island 171 Utopia Stephenson
022 Arcadia 072 Las Playas 122 Woodsdale 172 Itavanga Havilivili
023 Pasadena 073 Aardvark 123 New Bark Town 173 Caprica
024 Creeperville Expo 2019 074 Celina 124 Shahai 174 Kaloro City Berlage Station
025 Deadbush Borderville 075 Kazeshima 125 Rattlerville 175 Achowalogen Takachsin Orion Mall
026 Cremona Downtown 076 Sansvikk 126 Keaton Bay 176 Achowalogen Takachsin Old Town Mall
027 Anadyr 077 Sand 127 Cypress Spleef Arena 177 FliHigh Spire, San Dzobiak
028 Washingcube 078 Miu Wan Harbor 128 Chansee 178 Snowtopic FrostyRail
029 Seoland 079 Kazeshima Central Market 129 Prismarine 179 Parkland
030 Aquamarine Bay 080 Woodburn 130 Pasadena Chestwick 180 Broville Malls
031 Broxbourne 081 St. Helena 131 Yukon 181 Carrie Lam Dismemorial Ski Resort
032 San Vantino 082 Aston 132 Winterville 182 Harmony Grove
033 Lapis Bay 083 New Singapore 133 Shenghua 183 Titsensaki Olympia
034 Quiris 084 Southfort 134 Savage City 184 Harmony Grove
035 Winterside 085 Kantō 135 Winterville Railway Junction 185 New South Indies
036 Royal Ferry North 086 Creeperville Shimoko Station 136 Chillington 186 Dulwich Neopham St.
037 Royal Ferry Mountainside 087 New Phoenix 137 Dagenham 187 Dwarka
038 Espil inTis North 088 San Dzobiak 138 Cypress MetroCenter 188 Carnoustie Downtown
039 Espil Aldi-Lizi Mall 089 Las Playas Central 139 Titsensaki Cairnhill Dry 189 Aurora International Airport
040 Cremona Capitol Square 090 Javashire 140 Llanwrst Newydd 190 Monray
041 Sansmore 091 Serena 141 Ardaman 191 Kennedytown
042 Sylvania 092 Westbeach 142 Seolho 192 Seoland Outer Sunset
043 Rank Resort Central 093 Keriyowna 143 Venceslo 193 Desolet
044 Shadowpoint 094 Trente 144 Scarborough Nimitz-Lumiose 194 Kismay
045 Tweebuffel 095 Cypress 145 Port Sonder 195 Nibel
046 Peripotamia 096 Beachview 146 Silverville 196 Weston
047 Schillerton 097 Bean City 147 Elecna Bay North RaiLinQ 197 Cardinal Bay
048 Murrville-Arcadia International 098 Washingcube 148 Rattlerville Havasu Hills 198 Starbase One
049 Chan Bay College Park 099 Uacam Beach 149 Kagawa Sobu 199 Gemstride Lirella
050 Chan Bay Meme Highway 100 Titsensaki 150 Bristol 200 Windus Iceflake

These towns have more than one location:


  • Sylvania's location was the first to use both wood and concrete in the build, as a suggestion from TheConductor. However, it didn't pop up again until early 2020, with the reintroduction in Espil Bayview's location.
  • Espil and Central City have the most Comet Cafe locations, with three.
  • Anadyr has the tiniest Comet Cafe mentioned above.
  • Central City's standalone location is the first location to be made after the move to Zeta. It was intended to be finished before, however was delayed to after the move to Zeta.
  • Royal Ferry is the first town not owned by SoaPuffball to get two locations.
  • Peripotamia and Titsensaki have the only standalone Comet Cafes with multiple floors.
  • Being a milestone store, Titsensaki has the largest Comet Cafe. Central City's standalone location is the second largest.
  • The 100th Comet Cafe was originally going to be given in a poll, however after noticing problems with this idea, SoaPuffball scrapped it and gave it to Titsensaki instead.


Gallery of selected Comet Cafe locations
Location Exterior Interior
Gemstride Aria's Peak CCafeGemstridePeak1.png CCafeGemstridePeak2.png
Euphorial CCafeEuphorial1.png CCafeEuphorial2.png
Fairfax Street Mall CCafeCentralCity1.png CCafeCentralCity2.png
Monte Isola CCafeMonteIsola1.png CCafeMonteIsola2.png
New Gensokyo CCafeNewGensokyo1.png CCafeNewGensokyo2.png
Scarborough CCafeScarborough1.png
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport CCafeLarkspurLilyflower1.png CCafeLarkspurLilyflower2.png
Gemstride Savanna's Cliff Park CCafeGemstrideMelodia1.png CCafeGemstrideMelodia2.png
Orange City CCafeOrange1.png CCafeOrange2.png
Creeperville Expo 2019 CCafeCreepervilleExpo1.png CCafeCreepervilleExpo2.png
Seoland CCafeSeoland1.png CCafeSeoland2.png
Sylvania CCafeSylvania1.png CCafeSylvania2.png
Rank Resort Central CCafeRankResort1.png CCafeRankResort2.png
Peripotamia CCafePeripotamia1.png CCafePeripotamia2.png
Chan Bay College Park CCafeChanBayPark1.png CCafeChanBayPark2.png
Tranquil Forest CCafeTranquilForest1.png CCafeTranquilForest2.png
Christmas Island 2019 CCafeCI2019-1.png CCafeCI2019-2.png
Espil Bayview CCafeEspilBayview1.png CCafeEspilBayview2.png
Deadbush Karaj Transport Center CCafeDeadbushKaraj1.png CCafeDeadbushKaraj2.png
West Calbar CCafeWestCalbar1.png CCafeWestCalbar2.png
Central City CCafeCCSouth1.png CCafeCCSouth2.png
New Southport CCafeNewSouthport1.png CCafeNewSouthport2.png
Aardvark CCafeAardvark1.png CCafeAardvark2.png
Celina CCafeCelina1.png CCafeCelina2.png
Kazeshima CCafeKazeshima1.png
Sansvikk CCafeSansvikk1.png CCafeSansvikk2.png
Southfort CCafeSouthport1.png CCafeSouthport2.png
St Helena CCafeStHelena1.png CCafeStHelena2.png
Aston CCafeAston1.png CCafeAston2.png
New Singapore CCafeNewSingapore1.png
Creeperville Shimoko Station CCafeCreepervilleShimoko1.png CCafeCreepervilleShimoko2.png
Las Playas Central CCafeLasPlayas1.png
Serena CCafeSerena1.png CCafeSerena2.png
Keriyowna CCafeKeriyowna1.png CCafeKeriyowna2.png
Bean City' CCafeBeanCity1.png CCafeBeanCity2.png
Washingcube CCafeWashingcube1.png CCafeWashingcube2.png
Uacam Beach CCafeUacamBeach1.png CCafeUacamBeach2.png