Comhaontas Eitilte Síochánta

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Comhaontas Eitilte Síochánta
CES Logo.png
FoundersCodyHM, Conric005
HeadquartersThe City of Seoland
Launch DateAugust 18th, 2018
MottoOne flag, United.
MembersOceanic Langus Airways (OLA)
MRT Airlines (MRT)
Ray Airlines (RA)
Alliance Hubs Seoland
New Genisys
New Acreadium
Alliance Focus CitiesPixl

Comhaontas Eitilte Síochánta (CES) is an airline alliance founded by CodyHM and Conric005. It started as a way for the two's airlines to get better chances of gate requests being accepted. Since its creation, CES has hubs at several airports, as well as a rewards program, codeshare agreements, and more.

Airlines wishing to join must read the framework below.

Member Airlines

Current Members

Airline Owner(s) Hub(s) Focus City(ies)
Oceanic Langus Airways CodyHM 1 Seoland
New Genisys
New Acreadium
MRT Airlines LightingMC New Genisys
Ray Airlines O OM3GA O

1Original Member

Past Members

Former Members

Airline Owner(s) Reason For Leaving
Michigana KevAKATheGr8 Joined SNA
Gandalf Air Conric005 Dissolved
Kangaroo Air TheGreenKangaroo Joined SNA
Oceanic Airways MaxStewartS Merged with Aer Langus
Virgin Genesis LightingMC Went bankrup, rebranded as MRT Airlines
Atlantic Airlines TheGreenKangaroo, FiorkG (former) Merged with Kangaroo Air
Alaska Airlines EliteNeon
Yeet Airways Sans05 DaEdwards Disbanded
Sunset Airways EtihadMan Joined SNA
ViaFly Airlines PaintedBlue Joined SNA


All alliance members may use alliance-owned or alliance-specific portions of air facilities. In addition, alliance members gain access to gates reserved for CES members.

Specific details and terms of usage can be found below.


Avios is CES's four-tier rewards program, allowing patrons of our member airlines double the fun


To Qualify: 15,000 EQMs and/or $5,000 EQDs

  • Access to Lounges - All members receive one pass per year to enter any CES Lounge. includes one guest passes
  • Priority Check-In - All Beag fliers have a 39% chance of getting complementry RPCBK Pre.


To Qualify: 30,000 EQMs and/or $8,000 EQDs

  • Access to Lounges - All members receive two passes per year to enter any CES Lounge. Each pass includes two guest passes
  • Priority Check-In - All Mheán fliers have access to our Tapa check-in line.
  • Complementry Rush - All Mheán fliers get complementry RPCBK Pre.
  • Complimentary Upgrades - On all CES airlines you may request a first/business class upgrade (if available) for no charge (24 hours before flight), not all flights included.


To Qualify: 50,000 EQMs and/or $12,000 EQDs

  • Same Benefits as Mheán plus:
  • Access to Lounges - an additional four passes per year to enter any CES lounge.
  • Mór Status - Like the name sounds, All CES Mór members will receive a intrest free Avioscard which will allow them to receive 1mi per $2.25 spent while traveling.


To Qualify: 90,000 EQMs and/or $20,000 EQDs For our most valued passengers, we offer excellence in all areas. Here are some of the features there are to Ard Members in addition to those of Mór:

  • 'No Deaddrops - Ard members do not have to worry about losing their status. If you gain Ard status you are automatically an Mór for life. No need to fret if you take a break from travelling.
  • Ard Status AviosCard - All Ard members will get 2mi per every $2.25 on their AviosCard.
  • Concierge - Our Concierge staff is available to all Ard members 24/7 as a personal resource for many different aspects of your life. Whether you need to select a restaurant and arrange the details of an upcoming special event or if you want expert advice selecting just the right gift, you can rely on Concierge to coordinate and take care of your requests, big or small.