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Cornus Town Hall.png
Town officials
Mayor unjinz
Deputy Mayor minecrafter0505
Founder unjinz
MRT  T8  Cornus,  T7 - A6  Basking Ridge
Bus  SN19  Spruce Neck
Roadways Highway B90.png
Other transit uCar, vivoTransit, CitiRail (WIP)
Facts and figures
Population 16
Town hall coordinates -1713, 65, -2153
Founded October 4th 2014
Town rank Senator
Official language(s) English and German
World Gamma
Post codes CN9 0CC (Cornus)
CN9 1BR (Basking Ridge)
Ward(s) 9

Cornus is a town located north-west from Central City on the Gamma World at the MRT Taiga and Arctic Line.

It has been founded by unjinz at the start of the Gamma World, on the 4th October 2014.
The whole town was designed to be very realistic and modern, to some extent, and features wide roads with tramways together with reasonably modern architecture.

"Cornus" is abbreviated from the town suffix "Corners", which came from "Grover's Corners", a fictional town in the showplay "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder.


Cornus Information Hill

The town is located on two biomes. The biggest part is located in a Forest Biome, other parts are located in a Plains Biome. Most of the terraforming has been done by hand but with close attention to the original terrain. Notable for the town is the Information hill, near the center of Cornus, where a radio antenna, built by RLcrafters, sits on.

West of the Station Plaza you can find reasonably steep hills and mountains



Transportation inside the city and outside, is being managed by "vivoTransit", a subsidary of Vanadium, which also acts as the operator for the
vivoTransit Metro Lines. As of right now, transport is done by the MRT, the vivoTransit Metro and the SN19 Bus Line to Spruce_Neck.

vivoTransit Metro

The Metro system consists of four lines serving every part of the town. Currently extensions to Xilia Northern and Narona are planned or being worked on.
Transport for Central Cornus is being done by the Ring Line ( 1 ,  2 ) in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Line: Ring Line
 1 ,  2 
Line  3  Line  4 
Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 T7  Basking Ridge
towards Central City—Northwest Station
 T8  Cornus  T9  Foobar
towards T40 via Kessler
towards Segville via Local
IntraRail Spruce Regional
Cornus Central
towards Amestris via Local
Sealane Central
towards Segville via Express
IntraRail Republic Express
Cornus Central
Laclede Central
towards Ravenna via Express

Future Projects and Planning