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Town officials
Deputy MayorSoaPuffball
Town CouncillorsNone at the moment
MRT NE8  Creeperville
Roadway(s)Highway B122.png
Airport(s)Creeperville International Airport
RailMetroCRP, FrostyRail, RaiLinQ
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates4983, 73, -8125
FoundedMarch 21, 2017
Recognized as townAugust 19, 2017
Town rank[Senator]
StateSultanate of Creeperville
Official language(s)English
WorldGamma / New
Post codes CR1 
City Phone Code+0 (101)
Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png

Creeperville (クレプルビール市) is a town on the New World located in Ward 1. It is the eastern edge of the central NE region of the New World, along the Northeastern Strait. It is best known for being very unfriendly towards non-Japanese speaking drivers and the Creeperville Telecommunications System.



Creeperville was started on June 26, 2017 when Frosty_Creeper10 ended his quest to find a suitable MRT station for his new town. He had 3 candidates, with NE8 being his 3rd choice. The first one was already claimed when he got there. The next one was located in a very dense forest biome. NE8 was just perfect. Sure, it was in a swamp, but it could be worked with.


The first thing built in Creeperville was the fountain which you see in front of Creeperville Station. This was planned to be the starting point of the city's road system. Roads were laid out and Creeperville entered into what is now its rapid expansion era.

Rapid Expansion Era

As Frosty_Creeper10 got the rank of Citizen, he realised that he needed to get a head start on Creeperville's infrastructure. It was at this point that the Office Building Tower was built, the first skyscraper in the city. After this building, Frosty_Creeper decided that Creeperville would expand much faster if he paid other people to build the buildings in and just give them for free to other people for easy furnishing. The first building under this new plan was built by SubmergedSubway and is now an office for NicGroup. This era gave way to Creeperville earning the rank of Councillor

Councillor Period

This was when Creeperville's rapid expansion ended its boom. The town expanded to what is now Sakurajima (桜島) and roads were laid out there as a government district. Then, Frosty_Creeper paid people $5 to build an embassy there in what someone called "diplomatic bribing". This turned out to be Creeperville's next building boom as more and more buildings were built in Sakurajima because of this bribing. The Creeperville City Hall was built at this point to avoid having land problems in the future. Shortly after this, Creeperville got the rank of Mayor due to the mini-boom of buildings at Sakurajima.

Senator Period

Creeperville was promoted to Senator on December 1, 2017 largely because of a continuation of this diplomatic bribing program. Soon after, Frosty_Creeper10 had builder's block for a few months causing development in Creeperville to reach an almost standstill. Although in October 2018, development picked up again and the city expanded into Uekō-ku (上港区).


Creeperville is still expanding and this page will be a WIP for a long time. For now though, why not check out Creeperville? It has direct connections to the rest of the server by rail and there's no harm on going there to visit. :P


Creeperville is located in the northeastern swamp of the New World. It spans multiple islands and is very hilly with some areas 5m above sea level right next to one about 20m above sea level.


Creeperville is currently divided into 3 wards spread out among 6 islands.

Chūō-ku (中央区)

Chūō-ku contains Creeperville Station, Creeperville's largest transport facility serving the MRT, warp trains, metros and both local and intercity bus lines. It is also where Creeperville City Hall, numerous embassies and the offices of some North Coast councils are located. It was the first ward to be built in Creeperville.


  • Chūōjima (中央島)
  • Sakurajima (桜島)
  • Ko-Sakurajima (小桜島)


  • Chūō-Minami (中央南) - Contains Creeperville Station and many office buildings
  • Chūō-Kita (中央北) - Primarily residential and hotel area
  • Sakurajima (桜島) - Location of Creeperville City Hall and many government offices


  • Sakurabashi Park (桜橋公園)
  • Sakurajima Park (桜島公園)
  • Hashi-mae Park (橋前公園)
  • Sakura Park (桜公園)



Miyazaki-ku (宮崎区)

Miyazaki-ku is a suburban area bordering the town of Moonlight Bay to the southwest. It contains Creeperville International Airport, the city's primary and currently only air facility.


  • Kamikakushishima (神隠し島) - Eastern half of the ward
  • Hanedashima (羽田島) - Artificial island for Creeperville International Airport
  • The western half of the ward is located on the MRT mainland, but separated by a narrow canal




Uekō-ku (上港区)

Uekō-ku primarily contains the Port of Creeperville and so is a major transit hub for both passengers and cargo. It also contains a large immigrant population from Chalxior.


  • Daishima (大島)


  • Kō (港) - Docks and piers of the Port of Creeperville
  • Kōmae (港前) - Areas surrounding the port, mostly consisting of office buildings
  • Frecanob (フレカノブ) - More commonly known as Little Chalxior. The name is derived from the Chalxion words "Fre" and "Canob" meaning "From Boat", referring to how the early Chalxion immigrants arrived on small boats. The area is currently undeveloped.


  • Port of Creeperville
  • Harbour One Quay
  • Creeperville Port Authority Building
  • Little Chalxior



Creeperville is a mostly retail and office space-oriented city with no major manufacturing centers in the area. Most of its goods are imported from other cities on the server.


Creeperville is very dependent on its dense rail system which is known for its punctuality and cleanliness. The largest railway station in the city is Creeperville Station. It handles over 50 players per year and serves multiple rail lines, both inner-city and inter-city lines. The city also has Creeperville Sakurajima Station, with intercity warp train services RaiLinQ and FrostyRail.

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