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Creeperville International Airport

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Creeperville International Airport
Check back soon!
Airport type Airfield/Heliport
Owner Frosty_Creeper10, time2makemymove
Operator North Coast Bureau of Transport
Serves Creeperville
Location Northeast Gamma
Hub for
Built Under Construction
Elevation AMSL 210 ft / 64 m
Coordinates  ? ? ?
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18/36  ? Concrete
Statistics (December 2017)
Area1 7500m2
Gates 14
Airlines TBD
Alert.png Under Construction
Please be patient, it’s on it’s way!

Creeperville International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport (named after the neighborhood it is located in), is a regional airfield that services the city of Creeperville. It is currently under construction by Frosty_Creeper10, time2makemymove, and Narnia17. It will be one of FlyCreeper’s main hubs and a secondary hub for Air Kirdé once completed . There will be two terminals at the end of the Senator phase, consisting of 12 gates and 2 helipads total with a third terminal planned for Governor.

Final Gate List

101 FlyCreeper FC002 / FC003 Woodsdale via Venceslo On Time
102 FlyCreeper FC006 Ilirea On Time
103 FlyCreeper FC004 / FC005 Espil via Norwest Confirmed
104 FlyCreeper FC001 UCWTIA Unconfirmed
105 Air Kirdé  ??? Fort Yaxier Confirmed
106 Air Kirdé  ??? TBA Unconfirmed
207 South Weast Charter 1744 Utopia On Time
208 IntraAir 92 Nippia On Time
209 Starfield Airlines  ??? Marblelake, Bloomington Confirmed
210 BART Airlines  ??? ATC Pasted, No Warp
211 Eastern Airways  ??? Airchester, Elecna Bay Confirmed
212 FreeAir  ??? Chalxior, Freedon Confirmed
H1 Segville Air  ??? Segville Heliport Confirmed
H2 Infamous Airlines  ??? Bakersville Pasted, No Warp

Shortlisted Airlines

These airlines will be allocated a gate when Terminal 3 is built.

NOTICE: The planes MUST be able to fit in a 17x21 box!

Destination Airport Airline(s) Interested Plane/Heli Comments
EXAMPLE!!! Airport I wanna go to Meme Air, Dank Air, Pizza Air
Horizon National Airport ... ... ...
Ilirea Midcity Airport National Airlines, BluAir Plane ...
Kitania Municipal Airport ... ... ...
MRT Regional Airport (or Int’l, but Regional is preferred) ... ... ...
Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport ... ... ...
Waterville Municipal Airfield FlyArctic Plane ...
Central City Heliport ... ... There's only large gates left, so you probably won't be able to get in anything that'll fit
Dabecco Regional Airport ... ... ...
UCWTIA SkyTrans ... ...
Future Oasis Sands Airfield Sandy Air (Cammy's Airline) ... ...